1937 Ford Pickup Truck w/Surfboard (2 in 1)

This is the 1/25 scale 1937 Ford Pickup Truck with Surfboard (2 in 1) plastic model pickup truck kit from Revell-Monogram.

Revell-Monogram 1937 Ford Pickup Truck w/Surfboard (2 in 1) Plastic Model Pickup Truck 1/25 Scale
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Spotlight Review

"Previous Issue of the '37 Ford Pick up (2 n 1)"
When I saw the reissue of Revell' 37 Ford pickup 2 n 1 kit with the surfboard, the box art convinced me to get this kit. However, I did not want to wait for the reissued kit, so I purchased the previous 2 n 1 kit. I was familiar with this kit as I had built the 1st issue of the kit. The kit is basically an easy kit to build but I do not recommend this kit for beginners as it has lots of small parts. There was virtually no flash on the kit. I like the fact that the kit can be built as a 37 or a 38 Ford model. However, I discovered that the high performance engine will not fit if you build the 37 version. I hope this was addressed as the new reissued kit shows the 37 version with the high performance flat engine on the box art. However, I did some modifications to my kit to make it fit. Overall assembly was relatively straight forward as I followed the instructions. When installing the interior into the cab be sure to push it into the cab completely as this will prevent the cab from sitting down on the chassis completely. And do not attach the rear fenders to the truck bed sides until you have assembled the bed unto the chassis. You want to make sure the fenders align with the wheels especially if you are building the street rod version. As mentioned there are some small parts e.g. the door handles, the window cranks, the windsheild wipers(note, be sure to open the holes in the cab so the the wipers can be installed in their proper location. And the headlight buckets are difficult to attach. I suggest using a small amount of super glue to attach these parts. I highly recommment this kit as I have two more in my to build stash. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this kit a 9 because of the small pieces. It is a great kit for customizing as a street rod truck or as a service truck. And the decals are much better than the initial kit, the Checker's Market truck; the decals yellowed very quickly but not the reissued kit that I have.

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  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 4516

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"Awesome 37"
Really nice kit. No flash everything fit together nice. If you plan on using different rims. Regardless of what version stock or custom, use the stock front end. Gives better tire clearance. Not a kit for beginners. In pics mine is the metallic lime green and black. Enjoy.

"Custom or Stock?"
This is an excellent kit with lots of detailing options. The hardest decision was which version to build. I really liked the custom look, but didn't care much for '38 frontend, so I cut the sides off the '37 hood to give it my own custom street rod look. I had very poorly built the 1997 issue of this kit 20+ years ago which is a stock only version. While working on this new kit, I had the idea of a possible restoration of the older build and wasn't sure it could even be done. I did some research on the subject and found where several people had restored older models with very satisfying results. So, I did a complete teardown (delicate but doable), and currently re-painting and re-building. Hopefully I'll end up with a stock '37 Ford pickup that I can be proud of. I do think the restoration effort will be more satisfying than building from a new kit. I'm sure this review sounds like it's more about the older kit than the new one, but if it hadn't been for the new kit, I would have never thought of the old one. I do HIGHLY recommend this kit... and you never know what inspirations it may bring.

"A lot of options, instructions could be a bit clearer"
mindseyes (TN)
Loved this build. Second hardest build i've done with customizations. The instructions could be a bit clearer, especially with the the different options and fenders. Overall, very please with this build, the kit. Very little flash. 95% perfect fit through the build.

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