A-10 Warthog

This is the 1/48 scale A-10 Warthog plastic model airplane kit by Revell.

Revell-Monogram A-10 Warthog Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #855521
 Revell-Monogram # rmx855521
Retail $29.95  SAVE 19% !
Revell-Monogram Item # rmx855521
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:48
  • Pieces: 167
  • Length: 13"
  • Wingspan: 14 5/8"
  • Skill Level: 2
  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 855521
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Spotlight Review

"A-10 Warthog."
Still working on mine but it's coming together nicely. My first model in 20years so it's taking me longer than it should. It fits together well but I had trouble with the cockpit. I was really impressed with the amount of detail on the control panel. If you want a challenge try painting all of them. I hosed it up pretty bad but not because of the model. Lots of options for weapons load outs. My only advice is to glue a couple of AA batteries behind the cockpit. The model is very tail heavy.

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  • ECM pod, cluster bombs, napalm tanks, Maverick missiles and centerline drop tank.
  • Detailed cockpit with boarding ladder and clear canopy.
  • Pilot figure with realistic uniform details.
  • Realistically detailed landing gear.
  • Authentic decals for 2 marking options.


  • Scale: 1:48
  • Pieces: 167
  • Length: 13"
  • Wingspan: 14 5/8"
  • Skill Level: 2
  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 855521

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Best A10 in 1/48"
parisfrisby (Prescott Valley, AZ)
This is still the best 1/48 scale version of the A-10 Thunderbolt. The detail is very good, especially the cockpit. A huge array of armament is available as well including six AGM-65 Mavericks, eight cluster bombs, two napalm canisters, an external fuel tank, and an ALQ-119 ECM pod. I had a problem with the split ailerons that are also the speed brakes. They are meant to be poised open and when I tried to close them up it just didn't work out. I found some resin pieces online but I didn't want to wait for them.The molds are starting to show their age because a little flash is showing up here and there. Until Trumpeter or Tamiya can make an A10 in 1/48 for under $30.00 I'll stick with Revell.

"A nice kit"
polockman (Lagro, IN)
This kit is reasonably well-engineered. Parts fit together without any major issues and there was virtually no plastic “flash” to deal with. You do need to add nose weight to get it to sit on the ground properly - for the record, a 45 caliber lead musket ball fits in the nose but is not quite enough weight.....so maybe a few extra fishing shot weights in the nose to the pilot’s right would do it. The landing gear is EXTREMELY detailed, but the instructions could stand to be a little more clear on how to build them. Personally, I’d like to see less landing gear detail and more engine detail in it’s place. But, for a 1/48 scale kit, this one meets or exceeds expectations.

"Revell 1/48 A-10"
People think that this low tech aircraft can't pack a punch, but it is still in service to this day! The kit, though, never had it. I have seen it though, and it seems to be a good model. Especially the price here is amazing, this is probably the best choice that you'll get. I have seen prices at other places rise up to twice this much! The kit though, is said to have an inaccurate ejection seat. You should fine a resin replacement if you will use an open canopy. Compared to other 1/48 A-10, this one is your best bet.


  • #1: "LET'S ROLL", the 355TH Wing/12AF West Coast A-10 Demo Team, 2003
  • #2: "NORRIS THE PLAYHOG" 104th TFS Maryland ANG, Sentry Independence, Volk Field Wisc, 1989, and Shark Mouth, the 74th TFS/23TFW, Desert Storm, 1991.

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