SuperLeaf Shaker medium green

This is the SuperLeaf Shaker medium green from Scenic Express.

Scenic-Expr SuperLeaf Shaker medium green Model Railroad Ground Cover #6132
 Scenic Express # scn6132
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Scenic Express Item # scn6132
Features :
  • Medium green tone leaf excellent for black oaks and most eastern hardwood trees.
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Spotlight Review

"Particles that have an edge over the usual foam turfs."
This flaky stuff has uses similar to the usual coarse foam turfs out there; such as adhering to poly fiber, Super Trees, etc., to create foliage or also as small ground vegetation. The particle size is comparable to most coarse foam turfs but it's half-flaky, half-chunky and due to it being plastic, has a unique sheen. The flakier and shinier appearance does give it an edge in leafy realism when compared directly to coarse foam turfs. Alternatively you can mix it in with coarse foams for a nice touch to the foliage. Hairspray works just fine in adhering it to the aforementioned tree forms. After drying, I've noticed that it rubs off a little easier than foam turfs (at least with hairspray) but that's no major issue. This material is not cost-effective as a total replacement to the foam turfs but it's superb in adding variety to the overall looks of things. Now I do think it's superior to Noch leaves both in cost and appearance. This med green color is probably the best color to start out with since it should work as whatever type vegetation you want.

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  • Medium green tone leaf excellent for black oaks and most eastern hardwood trees.


  • Scenic-Expr Product Number: 6132
  • Walthers Product Number: 653-6132
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 358


  • Approximately 2 cups of leaves.

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