Ferrari F2001 Formula Racecar Open Wheel F1 GP

In the 2001 racing season Ferrari's new F2001 machine would capture the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships equipped with the longitudinally mounted 3000 Ferrari Tipo 050 V10 engine incorporating an electro-hydraulic 7-speed gearbox in pre-machined welded titanium. After the ban was lifted on traction control, launch control and other high-tech devices at the 5th race in Spain, the F2001 was finished with an arsenal of new equipment to further outclass rivals. By the 13th race Schumacher had already clutched the championship with 9 wins, earning him 53 total wins in his career, as he became the most successful F1 driver of all time and the Ferrari F2001 the undisputed top machine in F1 history.

Tamiya Ferrari F2001 Formula Racecar Open Wheel F1 GP Plastic Model Car Kit 1/20 Scale #20052
 Tamiya # tam20052
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Tamiya Item # tam20052
Specifications :

Scale: 1/20

  • Tamiya Product Number: 20052
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"Ferrari F2001 F1GP"
rafterrat_2005 (Salisbury , N.C.)
Warning this is best built if experienced but can be built if time and patience are a must even for experienced builders. This is a very detailed kit. Painting some parts are needed before the build and pre-fitting is also required. This is a beautiful kit when finished and should be placed in a case to show it off for all to enjoy.

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  • Scale: 1/20, total length: 223mm, total width: 90mm, total height: 55mm
  • Slanted nozzle and aerodynamic form of the actual Ferrari F2001 machine's body have been authentically recreated.
  • Center monocoque frame has been molded as one piece for easy assembly.
  • Nose cone has been reproduced with 2 pieces.
  • Shape of suspension arm and push rod is accurately portrayed in this model.
  • 90deg longitudinally mounted V10 engine depicted down to every last detail.
  • Realism of cockpit enhanced with separately molded parts for seat belt.
  • Model captures the intricacy of the F2001 machine's diffuser.
  • Fuel intake cover can be assembled in the opened or closed position. Fuel intake valves reproduced with metal transfer marks.
  • Grooved tires come with logo pre-printed on sides.
  • Heat resistant rear wing and rear suspension arm of the actual Ferrari F2001 are recreated in this kit with aluminum stickers.
  • Decals provided for recreation of car numbers 1 and 2.


Scale: 1/20

  • Tamiya Product Number: 20052


1/20 Ferrari F2001

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Tamiya F2001 - challenging but fun build!"
This kit being from Tamiya which are usually high quality kits and are of high detail. This kit was no walk in the park to build and some things turned out on it slightly less than desirable with the paint, due to airbrush issues that were experienced throughout the building. Fortunately they were resolved but not until the kit was almost complete. The kits parts and detail were awesome. Everything fit together well. The main issue with this kit really is the amount of patience needed. A lot of time is spent prepping parts to be glued and if you want the kit to turn out very nice you have to take your time, so patience is a must but if time is taken the kit will turn out wonderfully. The actual assembly after the parts were prepped wasn't that bad, just dry fit everything first and take your time knowing how things fit before gluing. Other than the paint issue which was only on me and a decal tearing due to it not wanting to let go when I was putting it over the back of the car I am pretty happy with the kit. I did a repair to the decal and the issue with the decal can be seen if you know where to look and have it close enough to see it. I still believe the final product was good enough to have it still on display and letting it be viewed by others. There are many decals and some are very small and some went in places that were just crazy. But it was a fun build and now I know if I want a highly detailed model Tamiya is the way to go. Even though it will take more time, it is worth it in the end.

"Ferrari fun"
richardeller112 (Hoschton Ga. USA)
Good model but you'd better know what you're doing before you get this kit. Lots of pre-painting and then checking fit after the paint dries. Complicated, detailed, and super fun.

"Will look great in my Ferrari collection"
Somehow I was missing this one, expect the usual perfection Tamiya always provides and a rewarding finished build.

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