Mazda Efini RX7 Sportscar Coupe

The Mazda Motor Company of Japan is known throughout the world for its technological success in using rotary engines, for both racing and production cars. Their first flagship sports car RX-7 established worldwide fame as the "rotary rocket", following its introduction in 1978. The RX-7 underwent another major change in October 1991, and was released as the "Efini" is French for infinity.

Mazda hopes this 3rd generation RX-7 becomes the fastest mass-produced sportcar with unmatched acceleration. To achieve this, weight reduction was made a major goal during this design. Overall length and height were reduced, and even the glass area became smaller when compared to the previous model. The body shell uses a light and rigid, space/monocoque frame construction. The muscular styling has an excellent drag coefficient of 0.30. Under the curvy hood lies the twin-rotor, type 13-B REW rotary engine with intercooler and sequential twin turbochargers, rated at a striking 255 horsepower. The engine is mounted just behind the front axle, which is termed forward-midship format, providing an ideal weight distribution of 50:50 between front and rear wheels. Suspension is four wheel double wishbone, supported by forged aluminum arms, with an incorporated stabilizing toe control.

The RX-7 has once again succeeded in blending Mazda's automotive technology in the stunning style of a true sportcar.

Tamiya Mazda Efini RX7 Sportscar Coupe Plastic Model Car Kit 1/24 Scale #24110
 Tamiya # tam24110
Retail $23.50  SAVE 23% !
Tamiya Item # tam24110
Features :

Highly detailed parts molded in plastic

Realistic interior pieces

Rubber tires

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Spotlight Review

I would buy again these are great. Arrived in decent time and everything was there in good condition.

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Highly detailed parts molded in plastic

Realistic interior pieces

Rubber tires


  • Tamiya Product Number: 24110


TS-14 - 100ml Black

TS-16 - 100ml Yellow

TS-17 - 100ml Aluminum Silver

TS-8 - 100ml Italian Red

X-1 - 23ml Black

X-10 - 23ml Gun Metal

X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver

X-12 - 23ml Gold Leaf

X-18 - 23ml Semi Gloss Black

X-19 - 23ml Smoke

X-26 - 23ml Clear Orange

X-27 - 23ml Clear Red

X-5 - 23ml Green

X-6 - 10ml Orange

X-7 - 23ml Red

X-8 - 23ml Lemon Yellow

XF-1 - 23ml Flat Black

XF-16 - 23ml Flat Aluminum

XF-56 - 23ml Metallic Grey

XF-57 - 23ml Buff

XF-63 - 23ml German Grey

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"Excellent kit of a cool car"
pktobin (Evansville, IN)
The only minus on this kit is that its a curbside (no engine). Otherwise its great. Nice detail inside and out. Worth the

"Efini not Mazda"
Wasn’t the specific model of rx7 I was looking for but it will do fine for what I’m trying to accomplish.

"Another great Tamiya kit!"
Tefflon Dice (Minnesota)
Fun build. Being a curbside kit, it's all about the body shape, and what a great shape the RX7 has! Just like other Tamiya kits, the molds are clean with very little clean up needed.

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