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Cement Value Pack

This is a Value Pack 7/8oz Tube of Cement for Plastic Models from Testors. For Ages 8 and Up.

Testors Cement Value Pack Plastic Model Cement #3509c
 Testors # tes3509c
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Testors Item # tes3509c
Specifications :

7/8 fl oz (25.5ml)

  • Testors Product Number: 3509C
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Spotlight Review

"Glue Ain't Just Glue"
michael.miller (michael.miller@windstream.net)
I've used Testor's Plastic Model Cement as long as I can remember and, ironically, Testor's plastic model cement is older than I am, but not by much. I complain about it from time to time when getting the exact amount I need out of the tube and when I don't get an adequate weld for smaller parts; however, the ready availability, consistency of product and years of experience make it my number one choice for general modeling use. I use other glues and adhesives depending on the application and my arsenal of glues has expanded over the years. But, when it comes to good ole plastic model assembly, Testor's Plastic Model Cement is always within reach on my workbench.

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Quick drying cement for plastic models Joins polystyrene to polystyrene and polystyrene to wood Also useful for repairing household items made of polystyrene or ABS plastics Carded packaging.


7/8 fl oz (25.5ml)

  • Testors Product Number: 3509C


  • Two 7/8oz tube of cement for plastic models
  • Four precision glue tips

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"Testors Plastic Cement Value Pack"
This is plastic cement that comes in a tube, its bonding is better than non toxic glue. It is very thick, but the tube tends to flow out more glue than what is needed. The glue melts most plastic (except for ABS). Preferably, I would pit some on a cardboard piece and then apply the glue with a toothpick. The value pack allows for tips for new users. You also get more for your money ;)

"Hard to control the squeeze"
Shane S. (Dallas, Tx)
Actually squeezing this stuff out requires a little bit of a learning curve. Sometimes it seems like the stuff is under pressure even without squeezing and will start squirting out even without any intent. This could be dangerous of a blob lands where you don't want it. Here's a pro tip. Try not to hold the tube perpendicular to the floor (straight down) when gluing. Use a more shallow angle and that will help minimize the risk of over-application. I've found that the little included tips here help mitigate that quite a bit but also that they're somewhat difficult to keep on the tube. But still. I've been using Testors cement for as long as I can remember. And will continue to use it.. well.. forever. :)

"Testors Cement Glue"
Jesus Loves You - John 3:16, Isaiah 53 (ariel.vancleve@gmail.com)
I would highly recommend Testors Cement Glue to every modeler. However, there are a few drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is how, without applying much if any pressure to the tube, the glue comes pouring out, possibly landing on an inconvenient spot on your model. The caps provided with this kit, though, do help a little bit with this problem. If you are going to to buy cement glue, I highly recommend getting the caps with them, as it helps greatly with gluing small parts. One drawback with the caps is that the glue will dry inside the caps, and eventually will clog them. (Hint: For maximum use of the caps, I suggest buying small pins to poke holes through the partially dried glue in the caps.) Also, this glue has a strong odor. Other than that, I personally like this glue much better than Testors Non-Toxic Cement Glue, because it seems that this glue dries faster, a quality that I find especially helpful when having to hold two pieces together till the glue dries. In spite of its drawbacks, I would still highly recommend this glue.


  • CAUTION, Contains Toluene.
  • Keep away from heat, sparks and flame.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • In case of eye contact, flush w/water.
  • If irritation persists, call physician.
  • Keep away from small children

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