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Model Master Aluminum Buff Metallic 1/2 oz

This is a 1/2 oz (15ml) jar of Aluminum Plate (Buffing Metalizer) Metalizer Lacquer For Airbrush Only.

Testors Model Master Aluminum Buff Metallic 1/2 oz Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #1401
 Testors # tes1401
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Testors Item # tes1401
Specifications :
  • Testors Product Number: 1401
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Discontinued - No longer available for purchase
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Spotlight Review

"Good Results for a Reasonable Price"
I used this for the main body color of a P-38 Marge kit. This was my first time trying to use any sort of a metalizer paint, so I made what I believe to be some errors in using it, which made it a little more difficult and may have slightly affected the look of the end result. That being said, I am quite pleased at the results I was able to achieve as a first-time user. I am rating it as Average because I have nothing to compare it to, having not used any other type of bare metal replicating paints for comparison, rather than because of any specific problems with this product. Testors seems to recommend that this be sprayed directly on bare plastic. Many users have posted online suggesting to spray it over gloss black to help smooth the surface. Because the model required a significant amount of putty and sanding due to poor parts fit, I went with the spray over black method. I had some issues with paint not setting up properly and rubbing off the model when handling it to work on it. However, it seemed to be the black that was wearing off, taking the metalizer with it. I believe this was an issue with my primer, rather than the aluminum metalizer. I sprayed this over enamel primer and a black undercoat. In some places, while buffing, some of the black began to show through. It ends up blending in with the light weathering I added, so it doesn't detract from the look too much. However, I will probably use all lacquer-based paints under it on future projects to prevent it from occurring in a more severe way. I am still fairly new to airbrushing, but despite my questionable skills this paint sprays very easily and smoothly. You have to make sure the paint is well mixed (and that it stays that way in the airbrush cup as you spray), since the metallic particles tend to sink. Aside from that, I found it to spray better than most other types of paint I have sprayed. You do go through it quickly though, as it is pre-thinned. Including the areas I needed to re-spray due to various issues, I have used the bulk of a bottle on this model. If spraying something large, you may need to take that into account. Although this is intended to be sprayed with an airbrush, I found that it is also possible to apply it with a brush in small areas if necessary. I did this for touchup on a few areas. The buffing process removes the brush strokes and blends it in fairly well with the sprayed portions, and any weathering effects added on top of that further disguises the repaired areas. The paint does have some tendency to leave a powdery residue on your fingers when handling the model. This ended when I finally got around to spraying it with the sealer. In retrospect, this should have been done much sooner - another adjustment I'll make on future projects.

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  • Metalizer is a unique metalizing "plate" finish, especially formulated for plastic models.
  • Metalizer system consists of a wide range of buffing and non-buffing 1/2 oz colors which will allow the modeler to duplicate virtually
  • any natural metal finish.
  • Jar can be attached and used with most airbrush systems.


  • Testors Product Number: 1401


  • One 1/2 oz (15ml) jar of Aluminum Plate (Buffing Metalizer)
  • Metalizer Lacquer

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Eye, Lung and Skin protection.
  • Testors #1409 Metalizer Sealer to go over paint and decaling.
  • Testors #1419 Metalizer Thinner to clean airbrush.
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"MM aluminum buff metalizer paint."
I love using these paints, but can't seem to find them at any local hobby shops. Luckily Hobbylinc carries a full line.

"Wow, it looks like aluminum!"
Great paint! It gives plastic models that realistic metal appearance. It polishes right up and with little effort. Just be careful when gluing your parts, as with any paint, model glue will ruin your paint. I use this with my air brush, spray booth and respirator. Do not breath this in, it is lacquer based. Safety first!

"Useful for many Different Effects"
The Model Master Aluminum Plate Buff has become my goto paint for many different effects, can be polish to a nice realistic shine, or left un-buffed for a slightly textured finish, I use this on all of my transmissions. I have also started using it as a primer, it dries super quick and gives a nice base to paint over. Sprayed right from the bottle with about 18 PSI.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Contains Butyl Acetate.
  • Highly Flammable Paint, avoid heat, sparks or open flame.
  • Avoid eye contact, skin contact or prolonged breathing of vapors, best to use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Warning: This product contains a chemical known to The State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Inhaling contents is harmful to respiratory tract and nervous system.
  • To use. Stir well. Airbrush light mist coats. Drys to touch in 30 minutes. Decal as usual. Seal with #1409 Sealer. Clean
  • airbrush with #1419 Thinner.
  • For Buffing, wait until after 10 minutes dry.
  • Recommended for ages 8 and over.

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