WWII Russian Infantry Figure Playset (16)

This is the 1/32 Scale WWII Russian Infantry Figure Playset (16) from Toy Soldiers of San Diego.

ToySoldiers WWII Russian Infantry Figure Playset (16) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/32 Scale #5
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Spotlight Review

"Beautifully-Sculpted Figures!"
I was extremely impressed with the quality of this set of Russian infantry from TSSD. The figures are molded in a nice hard plastic that takes and holds paint well. The set consists of 16 figures in eight poses, dressed in cold-weather clothing. Three poses are armed with rifles, five poses are armed with PPsH 41 submachine guns. One of the rifle-armed poses is a female marksman with a sniper rifle. I washed the figures in warm, soapy water and undercoated them with KRYLON flat khaki camouflage paint, block painted the faces and equipment, and washed the figures with diluted Games Workshop black and yellow inks (mixed to make drab green) and burnt umber acrylic paint. The female snipers' rifle barrels had an annoying curl to them, but I was able to straighten them out using the boiling water - ice water immersion technique. Slightly larger than Marx and Italeri 1/32nd Russian figures, but still compatible when on the tabletop together.

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