1/18 Car & 1/35 Military & 1/350 Submarine Display

This is the 1/18 Scale Car or 1/35 Scale Military or 1/350 Scale Ship Plastic Model Display Case by Trumpeter.

Trumpeter 1/18 Car & 1/35 Military & 1/350 Submarine Display Plastic Model Display Case #9814
 Trumpeter # tsm9814
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Trumpeter Item # tsm9814
Features :

Dust resistant


Crystal clear polystyrene cover

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Spotlight Review

"Great Display case/Just didn't fit my needs/Bought a #9813 to replace it"
jdarc264356 (Florida)
This is a great display case, like the 9813 that I also own. However, the 1/18 Shelby Cobra Mk III I wanted to fit inside, didn't have the space I needed. I wanted the hood ,trunk and doors to be open. Could not get the hood to open in the short roof height of this display case. Fine quality would have worked, if I didn't want the display as mentioned. Would fit any 1/18! Replaced with #9813. Glad I found HobbyLinc, fantastic product line and easy to work with.

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Dust resistant


Crystal clear polystyrene cover


Inside dimensions

Length: 12-3/4" (325mm)

Width: 6-1/2" (165mm)

Height: 4-15/16" (125mm)


One 1/18 Car or 1/35 Military or 1/350 Ship Display case

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great case"
I use these for 1/25, 1/24 and off-scale builds that don't fit in the standard 1/24-1/25scale display cases. Also useful for displaying two or three related kits, not just for the advertised scales!

"Large display case"
These are quality display cases highly recommend. Will buy more as needed

"Protect The Shine And Magnificence Of Your Models"
michael.miller (michael.miller@windstream.net)
According to Popular Science Magazine, sixty tons of cosmic dust falls on our planet every day. Up until discovering the inexpensive plastic model cases, I believe my models attracted an inordinate amount of cosmic dust or else I should have known better than to finish drywall in the same room as my displays. Regardless, once that new finish is hidden by dust, you can never restore that new look again. Aside from that, you run the risk of knocking off small parts, scratching the paint and packing the dust in cracks and crevices you worked so hard to include for realism. The 1/18 Car & 1/35 Military & 1/350 Submarine display cases I'm reviewing here, for my purposes, usually allow me to include two cars at an angle, which is perfect for stock cars sliding through a turn in the accompanying diorama. While the plastic model display cases attract dust, are easily scratched themselves, they also offer an opportunity to be more creative with your models by building small dioramas inside to go with the model displayed. Since I build a lot of historic stock cars, I'm able to recreate many different track conditions -- asphalt, Daytona sand and muddy, dusty dirt tracks. Most of the cases come with some stock backgrounds; however, I often create my own backgrounds using track photos and PhotoShop. As they say, you are only limited by your imagination and your models are protected from all the cosmic dust threatening them!

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