German Railway Track Set (36'' of Extra Track)

This is a 1/35 scale German Railway Track Set from Trumpeter.

Trumpeter German Railway Track Set (36 of Extra Track) Plastic Model Accessory 1/35 Scale #213
 Trumpeter # tsm213
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Trumpeter Item # tsm213
Features :
  • 36" of extra track
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Spotlight Review

m103heavy (Raleigh, NC)
I have NOT bought this but would like to know if it works with the leopold by trumpeter.

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  • 36" of extra track


  • Trumpeter Product Number: 213
  • Length: 900 mm


  • 24 pcs
  • 2 sprues

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Track answers"
The problems can be solved as I found: 1. I sanded the tie connectors with a flat file which took care of the problem of rails fitting without a Dremel or blade. Also, with a small round, pointed needle vice use this on the end of the rail, so that rail connectors will properly fit. Profit parts, then repaint ties, rails and spray rail bed and use granite texture pain over primer. When all painted and put together then weatherize, this will eleviate your first headache.

"If you need track, this is good."
If you need a section of track for some reason, this is a good kit. Essentially it breaks down into9 three different items: sections of roadbed, sections of ties (sleepers), and sections of rails. You decide how long you want the track to be and assemble enough roadbed sections together. Then you insert the ties up from underneath through their cut outs, then you slide the rails into place. I suppose you could do some cutting and figure out how to make side by side tracks, but that's for another project. There are also small connecting pieces for when the rails butt together. Nice crisp molding, everything fits well. My main complaints are that the roadbed sections have a seam every 6 inches or so, and this is a pain to sand smooth. I am not sure how else they could have done it, but it takes away from the finished look. My biggest complaint is that as made, the ballast comes up to the top of the ties. In real life this does not happen all the time. Now I could have cut the ties loose from each other and hand aligned them at the height i wanted, but that's a pain. I wish they had lowered the fake ballast a bit, so that I could have added scale ballast on top of their molded stuff to make it look more authentic, but this really can't be done the way it's made. However, it is great at what it is supposed to be. I wanted to make figures walking down a railway track, and it works very well. I'm still not sure what to do about the smooth sides, but I'll figure out something. Maybe they should have just left the sides plain right angles so wooden molding could be attached around it.

"Excellent product"
As for track problems: 1.sand bottom of rails for increase height above rail bed. 2.lightly sand the ties tabs where they connect. This should save time and frustration. Oh yes I found out the hard way.

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