Mig21 MF Fishbed J Single-Seat Tactical Fighter

This is a 1/32 scale Mig21 MF Fishbed J Single-Seat Tactical Fighter plastic model airplane.

Trumpeter Mig21 MF Fishbed J Single-Seat Tactical Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/32 Scale #2218
 Trumpeter # tsm2218
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Trumpeter Item # tsm2218
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Spotlight Review

"Could have been better fit in engine quarters , overall nice kit"
Well molded and flash free the Mig 21 MF 1/32 does not disapoint in many regards. Biggest complaint is the engine is made in quarters which have to be glued together in order to complete the engine and this could easily have been molded better. The old Revell kit had a less detailed engine but it was a better molding. Excellent store of weapons and options for arming the MF in it's multi-role capacity .Mine has two bombs for ground attack with rocket pods too. Also consider the Air to Air role but went with the ground attack missions.

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  • Trumpeter Product Number: 2218

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"Excellent kit"
5 stars because it includes 3 figures, ammo and can, and cockpit ladder- which I wish more kits would include. Fidelity was great- I had the usual snafu of the rear fueselege connections containing the engine- some putty and patience. Good decals and stores options. Crisp panel lines and a well done cockpit.

"Initial Review of MiG-21"
somnus78 (Whidbey Island)
Pretty good kit for just opening it. There are a lot of weapon options. The sprues are thick and very strong. Sprue cutters are definitely recommended to detach pieces for assemply. DO NOT let them bend off. They will tear out plastic from the piece and you'll have to repair it. Other options are gear up or gear down and many different flight control positions. Hardest part is to figure out what paint job to put on it. SOOO many different variants used during Vietnam. Russian, North Vietnam and Chinese paint schemes.


MiG-21 MF for a long time the MiG 21 was the standard fighter plane of the Warsaw Pact countries and proved to be a successful interceptor and fighter-bomber. Succeeding the MiG-15,17and 19, it was put into service with the Soviet air force in 1960/61. The high performance fighter achieved several records, including a speed record of 2388 km/h 1959and an altitude record of 34714m in 1961. Its baptism of fire came in the Vietnam war and in the Middle East. Over the years it was steadily improved and upgraded to match operating conditions and requirements. The MF versions were fitted with a more powerful engine, improved electronics and a sophisticated radar system. The tumanski R-13-300 iet engine with a thrust of 6.600kgf gave it a maximum speed of 2.1 mach at an altitude of 11000m . Gum armament: one 23mm GS-23L twin gun under the

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