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Russian KV-2 Model 1939 Big Turret Tank

Assemble the Russia KV "Big Turret" with this 1:35 Scale Plastic Model Kit from Trumpeter®. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.

Trumpeter Russian KV-2 Model 1939 Big Turret Tank Plastic Model Military Vehicle 1/35 Scale #00311
 Trumpeter # tsm00311
Retail $31.95  SAVE 19% !
Trumpeter Item # tsm00311
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:35
  • Length: 7-5/8" (196mm)
  • Width: 3-3/4" (95mm)
  • Height: 3-7/8" (99mm)
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 00311
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Spotlight Review

"This Kit + Lots of Work = Nice KV-2"
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Adequate kit that will require some extra elbow grease to turn out decently. PROS: With significant work, turns out a nice looking model. Excellent cast metal texture on the turret. Copper wire for tow cables instead of string. Thin decals that settle nicely on a gloss coat. Single-piece vinyl or link-and-length tracks with sag built in. The only 1/35 scale early 1939 KV-2 in the game (that I could find). Low price. CONS: Flash and heavy mold parting seams on everything. Some parts are very small and/or fragile. Warped parts. Fit problems that require filling and sanding. Painting directions for only one tank. NOTES: Simple kit with no photo etch parts and no interior. This makes for an easy, uncomplicated build for the most part. Some tiny parts (like A28) are difficult to install due to their size. I omitted the hatch hinge parts (A26), since there’s no interior and no point in posing hatches open. My port fender (part C1) was warped. Fortunately, bent fenders are not uncommon on tanks. Fender supports (parts C8 and K16) are very fragile. Be extremely careful before and after installation. The turret hand holds used to reach the top of the turret (parts K9) are very fragile and difficult to clean up without breaking. I replaced mine with bent piano wire and they look so much better, not to mention being much stronger and not so prone to breakage. The tow cables took some work. It's difficult to attach plastic end loops (parts H4, H5, H6) to copper wire. I drilled out the ends of the plastic loops a bit so there was something for the copper wire to hang on to, and used CA to make the attachment. It help up fine while bending and fitting the tow cables to the vehicle. Flash and mold parting seam cleanup took a long time, and I got pretty tired of it. And flash was everywhere - no part was exempt. I left the wheels and tracks off until the close to the end, but that may not be an easy thing to do if link-and-length tracks are chosen. Not being a fan of link-and-length tracks, and doubting I could get the proper track sag using the vinyl tracks, I decided to replace the kit tracks with a set of Friulmodel tracks (ATL-10). While they are pricey and time-consuming, they look great and create their own sag. They also give this lightweight model some heft so it doesn't slide across the table in a light breeze. There were a fair number of joints on the hull and turret that required filling with putty and subsequent sanding. Turned out fine, but I'm not used to having to do this with armor kits. Maybe Tamiya has spoiled me over the years. Once your paintwork begins, you'll see what a nice, realistic cast metal texture the turret has. Good job on that, Trumpeter. The decals were nice and thin, and went down very nicely over a gloss coat (be careful with them though; they're a bit fragile). A little Micro Sol in select spots helped them settle over raised surface features. Once painting and weathering were complete, the decals looked just like they were painted on. You get extra decals beyond the four basic ones that the kit specifies, but no instructions on what to do with them. Likely they are for other variants. As the vehicle takes shape, you realize that, being such a simplistic-looking tanks with plenty of flat, featureless surface area, it needs something to make it look a little less lifeless. I used plenty of painting and weathering techniques to make it more interesting, including pre-shading, two shades of Russian Green (the top, lighter green being intentionally a bit irregular and mottled), oil paint washes, pin washes, dry brushing, paint chipping and rusting, and weathering powders. So plan on most of your build time being in finishing and painting (unless you want factory-fresh). Since KV-2's were very heavy and sank in mud, I imagined that the commander of this tank avoided muddy spots, so I did not mud-up this vehicle. I opted for dirty/dusty and a well-worn weary veteran look instead. Overall, this kit requires some significant work beyond basic assembly, but turns out a decent and appropriately goofy-looking early KV-2. Recommended if you don't mind the extra effort that other kits don't require.

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  • A superb representation of the early Model 1939 KV-2 built from quality injection molded polystyrene parts.
  • Simulated welded turret equipped with a nicely detailed big 152mm gun, which can move up and down.
  • Excellent hull and turret detail with nice weld seams, rivet and top ventilator details.
  • Hatches have interior latch detail and can be fixed in the open or closes position.
  • Choice of full length vinyl tracks or pre-formed sections of plastic link and length track.
  • Superb suspension and road wheel detail.
  • Full length fenders with meticulous detail.
  • Copper wire tow cable.
  • High quality waterslide decals with turret slogans for 3 KVs.
  • Illustrated assembly guide.


  • Scale: 1:35
  • Length: 7-5/8" (196mm)
  • Width: 3-3/4" (95mm)
  • Height: 3-7/8" (99mm)
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 00311


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"first tumpeter kit"
this was my first tumpeter kit as ive always bought tamiys. but the price was right. nice model. needs a little putty, but no big deal, turned out great!

"Beautiful model, requires some hole drilling, some fit issues"
The first thing the instruction tells you to do is drill some holes into some parts. I don't know why they didn't just do that for me at the factory. Hand drilled holes are a lot less neat in my opinion. Next up, the wheels are a little finicky - they don't have the rubber ring in many of the Tamiya tanks, so the wheel rotation is not very smooth. The hatches are realistic in that they are glued by a hatch latch, but the hatch latch isn't rotatable - bummer. Finally, many of the large components don't fit seamlessly so there's some putty work required to fill in the gaps between armor plates. Negatives aside, the end result is just beautiful. The riveting and detailing on the turret is very impressive. When fully painted, this model is just breathtaking. This is a must have for any serious armor builder.

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