User Gallery

The User Gallery is a collection of product pictures shared by users.

  • See finished models, and other items, from people all over the world.
  • Share your modeling work for all to see.
  • Upload pictures of the Real Life item that a product models, sharing your knowledge of that item.
  • Learn great modeling tips, hints, and ideas from expert modelers.

Example of a User Gallery

How To Submit a Picture to the User Gallery

  • Create a User Account, or login to your existing User Account
  • Find the product on that you would like to share a picture for
  • Click on the button (found under the main picture), and upload your picture
  • This will upload your image, and bring up a form for you to fill out, describing your picture. Please fill this out.
  • All pictures are approved by before being available online to other visitors.

How To Edit Your Picture Information

  • Login to your User Account
  • Under the Picture Manager section of your User Account home page, you will see a count of how many pictures you have, and click the edit link there.
  • Your pictures will be shown for each of the products you have uploaded for. Click the edit under any of the pictures, to edit the information you entered for that picture.
  • You can get back to your pictures by clicking the Picture Manager link near the top-left of the page.