3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Kit (16 x 20-1/8 x 5-1/2'')

This is the HO Scale 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse - Kit from Walthers.

Walthers 3-Stall Modern Roundhouse Kit (16 x 20-1/8 x 5-1/2) HO Scale Model Railroad Building #2900
 Walthers # wrr2900
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Walthers Item # wrr2900
Specifications :
  • Walthers Product Number: 933-2900
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 389
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Spotlight Review

"Beautiful product.."
Tim (North Las Vegas)
This is definitely the crown jewel of my layout at the moment in time and probably will be, it is super functional with the ability of giving you an extended stall to fit even a Big Boy. Building this can be tricky and the directions aren't really concise, but a couple of Youtube videos gave me the confidence not only to build but to modify a few parts with some paint prior to assembly. Also getting the addition Kit for extra stalls helps make a cleaner look in the yard I'll need to order a few more addition kits to make the layout really feel like Cheyenne in the glory days.

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  • The Magic and Mystique of Engine Servicing Facilities If there is a land where dragons live, it lies before you. Ahead, dozens of the black monsters rest after battle. The sulfur smells of coal smoke, hot iron and oil mix in the hazy morning air.
  • Not long ago, places like Peach Creek, Cheyenne, Roanoke, Portland, Altoona and Spencer shook with the passage of these giants. Whether it was massive articulateds, Queens of the high-speed passenger fleet, or lowly yard goats, steam locos of every size were refueled, repaired and made ready for their next assignment.
  • And now, the glory days are back, in an all-new collection of seven HO Scale Cornerstone Series(R) kits from Walthers. Bigger Is Better Finally, you can model the support structures that your biggest and best engines deserve quickly, affordably and easily with Walthers kits.
  • Typical American designs, they'll handle any loco from 0-4-0 to 4-8-8-4 and each fits in a space that makes them practical for any layout.
  • Easy to Add or Expand Whether modernizing your existing terminal or building a new one, these kits are the perfect starting point.
  • They're easily mixed and matched with other structures to capture the look of newer facilities built to speed operations.
  • A Central Theme for Limited Space Like the feel of big-time railroading but think you don't have room? Think again!
  • Now you can easily design and build a realistic terminal with plenty of action in a small area. It's a perfect way to display and operate your favorite locos too. And, a facility like this provides nonstop work for one or two operators.
  • Adaptable to Many Eras Don't model the steam-era? Don't worry, you CAN use these structures on your layout!
  • Facilities like these appeared in the 1920s and some are still in use today. A Complete Series of Kits This complete series of Cornerstone Series kits brings you everything you need to model ALL of the facilities you'd find in a typical engine service terminal.

*Authentic American Prototype

*Holds Engines up to 125 Scale Feet Long

*Includes Stall for Bigger Engines up to 145 Scale Feet Long

*Modular Design-Easily Expanded to a Full Circle

*Compact 10-Degree Stall Spacing

*Interior & Exterior Brick Detail

*Fine Window Details

*Floor Inspection Pits

*Decal Signs Included

  • Measures: Standard Building: 17-3/4 x 16 x 5-1/2" 44.3 x 40 x 13.7cm With Extended Stall: 20-1/8" 50.3cm Long Pit Depth: 5/16" .78cm
  • The Roundhouse was a hallmark of steam-era railroading, and some of these classics are still used today. No matter the weather, workers could easily inspect and service locos under cover. Size was based on the number of engines coming and going in any 24-hour period, with the busiest terminals requiring full-circle roundhouses. Our authentic American model includes three stalls on 10-degree centers to make the most of your available space like the prototype. And with a modular design, you can add as many stalls as your railroad requires using the Modern Roundhouse Add-On Stalls (933-2901, sold separately). For more realism, interior and exterior brick wall details, fine windows, floor inspection pits and much more are all standard. Locos up to 125 scale feet long fit easily inside and parts for a single 145' long stall are also included.


  • Walthers Product Number: 933-2900
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 389


"Walthers Cornerstone Roundhouse"
I have a large service facility on the Class I portion of my layout (I do logging modeling as well) and all of it is Walthers Cornerstone; roundhouse, coaling facility, machine shop, ash pit and conveyor, diesel house, car shop, water towers and turntable. Being modular many buildings can be expanded as I have done with the car shop and roundhouse. The roundhouse has 15 stalls including expansion kits. Painting the floor with concrete/aged concrete should be done and easy to do with an airbrush. Typically lighting was poor and in many instances the lower portions of the inside walls were painted white or other lighter color to help the lighting. The interior supports should be painted brown for an older look or a lighter shade of green to appear as painted steel. The window sills are obviously concrete so paint them as well. I recommend painting the sills by hand since it will take forever to mask them off and it can still bleed. The roof and vents are easily painted engine and grimy black. Window frames should be painted as well and I opted for red. The hard part is the window pains themselves. The clear lattice detail needs to be brought out by painting it. The instructions say to soak a very thin piece cloth with the color paint you are going to use and then press the windows into the cloth lightly. Too tricky, so I used a red magic marker on the raised detail. Worked like a charm. I have the machine shop standing as a second structure but it can be added to either the left or right wall of the roundhouse. The roundhouse can be built with or without doors and, modeling the old SP roundhouse in Dunsmuir, Ca I left them off. I recommend this line of products in general and this roundhouse in particular. It's no coincidence that other structures on the layout are Cornerstone kits or built-ups; Golden Valley depot, freight house, cold storage, IH dealership, bus terminal, etc. right down to chain link fencing and metal fencing. You don't need to be a model craftsman to assemble these buildings so you can buy with confidence. I am very happy with all of it and recommend the roundhouse highly. Happy modeling!

"Modifications required with existing turntables"
joe.defeo (Lewes, DE)
Walthers Roundhouse like all of their kits is a nice complete kit with a few exceptions. No where on the Box or in the directions does it tell you the need to modify your platform. The inspection pits will require a 3/4 dado to accept the pits. The Floor of the building is level with the edge of the turntable and in order for the rails to line up you will need either rails with no ties or you need to take a piece of flex track and remove the ties so the rails can slide into the building floor and line up with the rails of the turntable. Although this kit meets Walthers quality the above facts should be in the product description before it is purchased. Recommended with reservation.

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