Merchant's Row II - Kit - 10 x 5'' 4 x 12.5cm

This is the HO Scale Merchant's Row II - Kit - 10 x 5'' from Walthers.

Walthers Merchants Row II - Kit - 10 x 5 4 x 12.5cm HO Scale Model Railroad Building #3029
 Walthers # wrr3029
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Walthers Item # wrr3029
Specifications :
  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3029
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445
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Spotlight Review

"Nice kit"
This was my very first kit as a model train hobbyist. I have built models before. I found this kit to be very nice. You will need painting skills to really bring out the features. Lots of painting. I wish the instructions had suggested painting before assembly, which they did not. It would have made it a lot easier. Quality is good.

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  • Saturdays were special. We'd all pile into the back of Dad's old pick-up and rattle into town. There was something special about those old buildings. All of those fancy details and trim left an impression on me, even as a kid.
  • We'd always stop at the hardware store. Mom could spend all day at Smith's, where they had such nice clothes. My sister and I would dream about the toys at the 5&10. And the folks never could say no when we begged for ice cream!
  • Main Street hasn't changed much over the years. Sure, the signs are different, and some of the businesses I knew as a kid are gone But the buildings? They still look as good as they days they were new.
  • Buildings tell a lot about your layout. Especially a business district with its colorful signs that set the time and place. Modeling this important feature is easy with this kit because it combines three stores into one space-saving structure. Personalize your model with paint from your dealer, and add the finishing touch with the colorful signs in the kit. 10 x 5" (25-2/5 x 17-7/10cm)


  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3029
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445

Requirements & Suggestions

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Great detail, needed paint to make model really look a lot better! Take your time and it will turn out great! Parts needed fine tuning as normal models do. I made my own sidewalks didn't use base plate but utilized it for construction of the model

"My first building"
I added this to my layout and it was challenging for a beginner but it turned out okay.

"Excellent Buildng with many posabilities (highly recommend painting)"
This product is a great addition to your commercial district. It fits in with most any era and gives you a large variety of shop signs and names to choose from.

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