Merchant's Row II - Kit - 10 x 5'' 4 x 12.5cm

This is the HO Scale Merchant's Row II - Kit - 10 x 5'' from Walthers.

Walthers Merchants Row II - Kit - 10 x 5 4 x 12.5cm HO Scale Model Railroad Building #3029
 Walthers # wrr3029
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Walthers Item # wrr3029
Specifications :
  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3029
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445
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Spotlight Review

"Get ready to PAINT LOTS"
The molded detail in this kit is very nice, but the fact that so many details (all of them actually) are modelled in means you're gonna spend hours and hours painting. I got this kit because I needed some shops in this configuration for my layout's downtown, but I would have gone for a Kibri (pre colored, separate details) if one were available with the same look and footprint. That said, the price is pretty good compared to more complex European kits. I found the window material overall lacking - too thick and 'fogged' right out of the box for the corner tower.

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  • Saturdays were special. We'd all pile into the back of Dad's old pick-up and rattle into town. There was something special about those old buildings. All of those fancy details and trim left an impression on me, even as a kid.
  • We'd always stop at the hardware store. Mom could spend all day at Smith's, where they had such nice clothes. My sister and I would dream about the toys at the 5&10. And the folks never could say no when we begged for ice cream!
  • Main Street hasn't changed much over the years. Sure, the signs are different, and some of the businesses I knew as a kid are gone But the buildings? They still look as good as they days they were new.
  • Buildings tell a lot about your layout. Especially a business district with its colorful signs that set the time and place. Modeling this important feature is easy with this kit because it combines three stores into one space-saving structure. Personalize your model with paint from your dealer, and add the finishing touch with the colorful signs in the kit. 10 x 5" (25-2/5 x 17-7/10cm)


  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3029
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Excellent Buildng with many posabilities (highly recommend painting)"
This product is a great addition to your commercial district. It fits in with most any era and gives you a large variety of shop signs and names to choose from.

"Nice kit"
This was my very first kit as a model train hobbyist. I have built models before. I found this kit to be very nice. You will need painting skills to really bring out the features. Lots of painting. I wish the instructions had suggested painting before assembly, which they did not. It would have made it a lot easier. Quality is good.

"great build"
This item fit perfectly with and on my layout the building of this was simple and easy. I had a great time weathering and painting the building especially the highly detailed brick parts and windows. The attention to detail on this kit is amazing and it offers a variety of business ideas to be placed in your row of merchants. I had a lot of fun doing the steeple a part i thought id have trouble with. The signage was spectacular and everything fit together properly. I highly recommend any of the merchants row kits.

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