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Turf Coarse Dark Green 32 oz Model Railroad Grass Earth
Product Number: WOOT1365
Manufacturer: Woodland Scenics
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Woodland Scenics' Coarse Turf (Dark Green) is a Colorfast, Nonmagnetic Foam Material For Use in Creating Grass and Soil Effects.

Product Features
  • Coarse turf works well in any scale.
  • This foam material may be layered as much as desired to create a natural, realistic scene.
  • The plastic shaker bottle has a twist lid which has two flip tops
  • one allows you to spoon the product out and the other allows you
  • to shake the product onto your layout.
  • Dark Green is a dark green with accents of a blue color.
  • Produce realistic scenery whether you're a beginner or advanced modeler.
  • This product is easy to use and virtually foolproof.
  • Complete application instructions are printed on the back of the bottle.
Product Specifications

Net: 32oz.

  • Woodland Product Number: T1365
What's Included

One 32 Ounce Bottle of Dark Green Coarse Turf

  • Scenic Sprayer (S192)
  • Scenic Cement (S191)
  • Adult Supervision
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Manufacturer Comments
  • Keep away from children age 3 and under.
  • Tree kits, foliage and other landscaping products may be purchased to help create a more realistic diorama.
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