Greek Infantry V-IV BC (45)

This is the 1/72 Scale Greek Infantry V-IV BC (45) Plastic Model Kit from Zvezda. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.

Zvezda Greek Infantry V-IV BC (45) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #8005
 Zvezda # zve8005
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Zvezda Item # zve8005
Features :
  • When built the model is about 1 inch tall
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"Good pieces."
These are good pieces. Decently molded they do have some flash but not to much.

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  • When built the model is about 1 inch tall


  • Zvezda Product Number: 8005


  • 45 unpainted figures

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Paint is required
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"Kalos! Fantastic Figures"
These figures are absolutely phenomenal. When I opened the box, I could hardly believe them. The sculpting is *amazing*. There was zero flashing on my set. There is so much lovely historical detail, I don't even know where to start. I've used these with great success in getting my boys interested in ancient Greek history. The figures are solidly constructed. You've got spears and shields to deal with, of course, but nothing is more fussy or fragile than it needs to be, and the plastic is the right degree of pliable.

"Great figures"
This set is a perfect buy for anyone looking for a classical Greek infantry set. The poses and equipment are diverse, and the set includes figures from Corinth/Athens, Sparta, Illyria, and other city-states. This does not make the set historically accurate - the city-states never allied like that into one big army - but makes for some fun painting and awesome looking figures. The sculpting is really good, but there is some flash to cut off. This is not as easy as it sounds, and if you are not careful, you can end up chopping hands, swords, and javelins off the figures. The plastic used is relatively hard, which I have always liked about Zvezda products - it makes the paint stay on better. You only have to glue the shields on to one pose, which is not a problem, as the shields stay on well. The other poses have their shields already attached. You do have to insert the spears into their hands, however, which can be difficult. I had to both shave down the spear hafts and widen the hand holes in order to get the spears to fit, but once this was done it worked well. These are very good figures, representing the major city states and equipment of the classical Greek era. Great for any model painter or history buff interested in the period. I would definitely recommend these guys.

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