RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware Set

This is the RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware from AeroTech Consumer Aerospace.

Aerotech RMS 24/60 Motor Hardware Set #91244
 Aerotech # aro91244
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Aerotech Item # aro91244
Features :
  • Fits all kits designed for Black Powder "E" motors.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Instruction sheet included.
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Spotlight Review

"E case"
georgerseijo (Davie, FL)
only one reload available for now but hoping sometime soon

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  • Fits all kits designed for Black Powder "E" motors.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Instruction sheet included.


  • Aerotech Product Number: 91244


One RMS 29/60 Motor Hardware

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Potentially a Great Motor Casing, But a One-Trick Pony"
Aerotech, for whatever reason, only offers 1 grain option for this RMS casing, the F35W White Lightning. That motor is very close in performance to the RMS F39W and 24/40 casing combo, but the F39 is less expensive per reload and uses the lighter, less expensive, and far more versatile 24/40 RMS casing. About the only advantage for the 24/60 is that Hobbylinc seems to always have them and their reloads in stock, the demand is so low. I wish Aerotech would release more propellant choices and more powerful grain/nozzle offerings for this stronger, longer 24mm casing. Unless and until they do, the 24/60 will remain a pretty limited-appeal motor, sadly.

"Great way to save money"
You should purchase this if you're considering getting into mid-power rocketry. Consider it an initial investment in your mid-power rocketry experience. After the first three or four launches, the cost starts dropping dramatically per launch when compared with single use motors. I wouldn't recommend using this on just any 24mm rocket. If you're going to use it, make sure the rocket can take the thrust of the higher impulse. A good rule of thumb: if the rocket has a 24mm motor mount and balsa fins; don't use this product. Balsa fins will probably tear off unless you reinforce them. Consider that you will have to construct all your motors before launch. This will take a while, so either buy a bunch of these so you can make your motors at home and spend more time flying than building motors.

"Aerotech has a more selections for this RMS24/60 Hardware"
Great case, but use their lube, or any synthetic grease. Easier cleanup after use and get a cleaning brush for cleaning soot and threads. There are more selections now for this motor case as stated in other reviews F35W-5,8&11, but now the F51-10NT this is the New Blue Thunder, fast burn, high specific impulse propellant and F62-10FJ another high impulse, fast burn propellant. So we now have more selections for more excitement. Wish Aerotech made a spacer for their RMS24/40 reloads, then the RMS24/60 case could be used.

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