1oz. Bottle Airframe Aluminum Lacquer

This is the 1oz. Bottle Airframe Aluminum Lacquer by Alclad II.

Alclad 1oz. Bottle Airframe Aluminum Lacquer Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #119
 Alclad II # alc119
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Alclad II Item # alc119
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"For when you want that authentic metallic finish"
As one reviewer noted, the Alclad finishes do take some prep work but if you're wanting an authentic, in-scale, look to your airframe, then you should consider this metallic lacquer. It's very important to put a smooth and dark base coat down, like the black enamel base coat from Alclad, or similar, for the metallic finish to achieve it's high gloss and depth. Attached is a photo of the Airframe Aluminum lacquer I used on the engine nacelles of the Mercury 9 model kit by Pegasus Hobbies.

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  • Alclad Product Number: 119

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Great Paint, easy to use. Easy clean up. Best used in well ventilated areas. Highly recommend!

"Alclad II Paint"
CaptainA (Indiana)
Alclad II offers a line of metalizer paints that is outstanding. I have been using these paints for years and the results I get are amazingly realistic. You can get some really good results too, if you know how to use them. The most important thing to remember with these lacquer paints is to properly prepare the surface. If you just spray them on to a model without prepping the plastic you will get results that leave a lot to be desired. You will probably also end up with some degree of crazing on the surface of your plastic. You must prime the surface with a good quality primer to prevent crazing. Be sure to remove all the mould lines and scratches. Any scratches, hair, dust or other irregularities will stand out with these paints. If you are doing a shiny color like chrome and polished aluminum need to have a gloss finish to look best. So if you want a really nice chrome finish, you will need to remove all the lines, prime, let it dry, spray gloss black, let it dry, spray the chrome, let it dry for about five minutes, spray a second coat of chrome and if needed a third coat, let it dry for 24 hours, and spray a clear gloss coat because the colors are very delicate and will wear off with handling and masking. I use Tamiya spray can gloss black and get good results. I also use the All Clad 2 gloss clear coat for the best results. When you spray the All Clad 2 paint, you need a really low pressure of about 10 psi, and you also need to really reduce the paint flow. Is it worth all the trouble to get a good metallic finish? I would recommend you try it first, then make the decision for yourself. Pros-This is the best and most realistic metal finish I have been able to get. Many colors to meet all your needs. Cons- This paint is not cheap. It is very volatile. That means it evaporates quickly. Surface prep and primer-base coats are time consuming, Regular colors that are available at the time of this review are; ALC-101 Aluminium, ALC-102 DurAluminium, ALC-103 Dark Aluminium, ALC-104 Pale Burnt Metal, ALC-106 White Aluminium, ALC-108 Pale Gold, ALC-110 Copper, ALC-111 Magnesium, ALC-112 Steel, ALC-113 Jet Exhaust, ALC-116 Semi Matte Aluminium, ALC-117 Dull Aluminium, ALC-120 Gun Metal, ALC-121 Burnt Iron, ALC-123 Exhaust Manifold. These high shine colors are available; ALC-105 Polished Aluminium, ALC-107 Chrome for Plastic, ALC-109 Polished Brass, ALC-114 Chrome for Lexan, ALC-115 Stainless Steel, ALC-118 Gold Titanium, ALC-119 Airframe Aluminium, ALC-122 Mirrored Gold for Lexan, ALC-124 Black Chrome. There is a special color ALC-205, Holomatic Spectral Chrome available for some special effects. Transparent colors available include; ALC-401 Red, ALC-402 Yellow, ALC-403 Blue, ALC-404 Green, ALC-405 Black/Smoke. Hot metal finishes include; ALC-411 Red, ALC-413 Blue, ALC-416 Sepia, ALC-417 Violet. The clear finishes are; ALC-310 Klear Kote Gloss, ALC-311 Klear Kote Light Sheen, ALC-312 Klear Kote Semi-Matte, ALC-313 Klear Kote Matte, ALC-314 Klear Kote Flat. Available primers are; ALC-302 Grey Primer/Micro Filler, ALC-304 Gloss Black Base 2oz, ALC-305 Gloss Black Base 4oz, ALC-306 White Primer/Micro Filler, ALC-307 Airbrush Cleaner, ALC-309 Black Primer/Micro Filler. And lastly candy colors are also available in; ALC 701, Bright Silver Candy Base, ALC 702 Candy Red Enamel, ALC 703 Candy Ruby Red Enamel, ALC 704 Candy Orange Enamel, ALC 705 Candy Lemon Yellow Enamel, ALC 706 Candy Golden Yellow Enamel, ALC 707 Candy Bottle Green Enamel, ALC 708 Candy Emerald Green Enamel, ALC 709 Candy Electric Blue Enamel, ALC 710 Candy Cobalt Blue Enamel, ALC 711 Candy Indigo Enamel, ALC 712 Candy Violet Enamel. The colors listed as Lexan should not be used for styrene. Would I recommend these paints? Yes absolutely.

"Very Realistic Metallic Finish"
I'll start off by saying that this product was very easy to use and required no thinning when I used it with my airbrush. Clean up was also easy and only required running some lacquer thinner through the brush. I tested this product on an area of my model where I used no primer and where I used the Alclad Black Base. When using the base, the results are a lot shinier and are more mirror like. With no primer, the results are more of a dull metallic finish.

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