6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil

This is the 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil by Bare Metal Foil.

Bare-Metal-Foil 6 x 11 Thin Sheet Chrome Foil Miscellaneous Hobby Building Supply #1
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Bare Metal Foil Item # bmf1
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"Difficult for beginners, but still unbeatable"
This material is fantastic! Although, it is difficult for beginners, once you get the hang of applying it the finished appearance is unbeatable for achieving that shiny chrome look. Have plenty of Q-tips on hand, as they get shredded pretty quickly during the embossing process. And try to save your scraps, because they can be used again to patch small imperfections in your application.

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  • Bare-Metal-Foil Product Number: 1


  • 1 Chrome Foil

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"The NEW & IMPROVED B M F......"
I have been using B M F (Bare Metal Foil) since it was 1st introduced, in the 70's I think, and have my share of horror stories about it through the years. Some of the issues included things like the foil ripping trying to get it removed from the backing sheet, curling onto itself before you can get it in place on the model and also the lack of adhesion on the model are the most common ones. FAST FORWARD a few decades, and what a difference. The new & improved sheets are several leaps forward to the old stuff. It, most defenatley adheres better. There is, however, some things to consider when using it. 1st,& foremost is to get your mind into the game and have a clean & organized work space. Remember, THIS FOIL IS EXTREMLEY THIN AND REQUIRES A LIGHT TOUCH!!!!!! A couple tips I have for usage is naturally several NEW #11 blades, more times than not I will use the blades WITHOUT the knife handle, some toothpicks with the ends sanded smooth and rounded to burnish the foil into tight spaces. Last but not least is, after you have it in place, burnished down and are satisfied with the results, dip a new Q-Tip into some alcohol and wipe the foil off before the final trimming. I hope this review will help the newer people to the hobby to try & enjoy using BARE METAL FOIL..... ps. having some good old rock & roll on the stereo isn't a bad idea either.....

"Love this stuff"
nscrfns (Killeen, TX)
Great stuff. Use it for chrome trim or cover an entire model. Burnish it down well with one of Tamiya's hard pointed cotton buds. I use it to mask canopies. If burnished down correctly no paint will seep under it. When removing it will leave a light residue that can be removed with mineral spirits followed non-amonia type glass cleaner.

"bare metal foil - new improved"
I have used this product for 5 years now, but quit using it to try out the new chrome pen that is on the market. after using the pen, I found I like Bare Metal foil better. it may be slower but the results are well worth it. the cost, ease of using it and the finished look just can't be beat. my latest project was the Revell London double decker bus and I used it exclusively. it works great wherever chrome trim is called for. like I said the only draw back is time, it has to be cut, applied, trimmed, and burnished. but in the model hobby, if you rush and don't take the time, your model shows how much to time you spent on it.

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