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HV Arcas Kit

Aerotech HV Arcas Kit
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Product Number:ARO89012
Product Description

This is the HV Arcas Model Rocket Kit from Aerotech. Recommended for Ages 16 and Over with Adult Supervision.

Product Features
  • Designed for "E" through "G" composite hobby rocket motors.
  • Scale rocket kit with fantastic detailing.
  • Precision crafted fins.
  • Fin-Lok fin mounting system.
  • Integrated load distribution structure.
  • Sturdy pre-slotted body tube.
  • Adapters permit use of various size and type Aerotech motors.
  • Motor retention system for quick and easy motor change.
  • Tangle free shock cord mounting structure.
  • High strength elastic shock cord.
  • Molded nose cone.
  • Large colorful adhesive decals.
  • Box converts to a rocket assembly and display cradle.
  • Complete illustrated instructions.
Product Specifications
  • Length: 56" (142cm)
  • Diameter: 2.6" (6.7cm)
  • Nose Cone: 5:1 Ogive
  • Weight: 14 oz. (400g)
  • Fins: 4-clipped delta with double-wedge airfoil
  • Stages: 1
  • Motor Mount: 29mm
  • Recovery System: Parachute
  • Aerotech Product Number: 89012
What's Included

One HV Arcas Model Rocket Kit.

Requirements & Suggestions
  • Assembly
  • Adult Supervision
  • Motor
  • Launch System
  • CA Glue
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper (tes8802)
  • Hobby Knife (tes50627c)
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Solid Kit
By recon454 November 24, 2012
This was my first time dealing with a Mid-Power rocket kit. I chose the ARCAS kit based on reviews from others that had nothing but good things to say regarding the quality of the materials used and the attention to detail. Upon opening the box and putting your hands on the parts, the quality becomes apparent. All parts are easily identified using the supplied instruction manual which also includes easy to follow drawings and explainations. Like I said, this was my first time building a rocket from a kit, let alone a mid power, and I did not have any issues with assembly, other than the occasional part needing some sanding for a good fit. The whole thing took me about two days (due to 2 young children) but could easily be done in a day. After finishing assembly, Im having a hard time keeping my hands off it, the rocket is Solid. There is not a flimsy part on this baby and feels like it could handle a rougher than usual landing. As a first time builder or a seasoned vet, it would be tough to find a better kit for the price that is as high quality and as good looking as this one is.
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A+ Rocket
By drmower December 8, 2013
Great first mid-power rocket. I have flown mine six times with six different motors and each one was perfect. After these flights I am pretty much done with black-powdered rockets. I think Aerotech makes a very well designed and durable product. I have purchased three different models from them. But, be sure you understand the build process before you start applying glue to the tight fitting parts. The instructions are okay, but I might be a little critical about detailed instructions (my first engineering job was writing manufacturing instructions for the Space Shuttle's SRBs).
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Aerotech Kits are Very Good
By cthomason December 11, 2013
I have just finished my Arcas build as well as three other Aerotech kits. They all assemble basically the same way with a fantastic through the wall fin attachment method that is difficult to mess up. If you have ever found yourself frustrated trying to get fins straight and stuck on your rockets then these kits are for you. This kit is quite big but still goes together in the same amount of steps as a smaller kit. With a heavy paper body tube and robust plastic fins this kit feels like it will last many flights. This kit is designed to work with the Aerotech 40-120 case so think about picking up the reload kits to keep your cost down per flight.
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Excellent Kit
By craig March 6, 2016
The HV Arcas is a very nice mid-power kit. The build is pretty simple and can be completed using just medium CA glue. Take your time cutting the fin can. The instructions suggest a hobby knife, but I found that to be the wrong tool. After drawing the lines on the can, draw them on the inside as well, then cut through the inside with a sharp kitchen knife. That's the only part of the build where I deviated from the instructions. At a height of 56this is a substantial rocket. For paint I used a couple of coats of Dupli-Color 2 in 1 hi-build gray primer, followed by 2 coats of Dupli-Color White Sandable Primer. (this combination helped fill the spiral grooves on the body tube. For color, I used Bupli-Color Red Metal Specks paint, along with Testors White Lightning lacquer. It turned out very well. All of these paints and primers are lacquer based. Hobbylinc has the Testors, and the Dupli-Color primers and paints are found at auto parts stores. (Napa, O'Reilly's etc). Craig
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Product Tags
Fin Type : Plastic Fins (36)
Engine Mount : 29mm (ARO F, G) (13)
Rocket Height : Over 36'' (31)
Recovery : Parachute (118)
Stages : Single Stage (102)
Manufacturer Comments

Read enclosed instructions before use. Adult supervision recommended for those under 16 years of age.

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