Dumas CITABRIA 17.5
 Dumas # dum205
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Dumas Item # dum205
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"Dumas 17 1/2 Citabria Kit"
There were a lot of things to like about this kit: * the quality of the wood was quite good * the laser cut pieces were precise in fit * the plan was clear and laid out with a reasonable amount of space between parts * instructions were easy to follow * nice tissue * nice molded cowl and wheel covers Being laser cut, this kit went together quite quickly. I elected to attach the tissue with a glue stick, which worked out very well. I shrank with 50% diluted isopropanol, and sealed with 50% dope. When decorated with the colored tissue and transfers supplied, the result is a pretty model (you will need to supply some red paint to get it looking like the box photo). Trimming was initially difficult, as I had a warp in the wing. Once I straightened that with a good steaming, trim came good and I got flights of 30 seconds, which I was very happy with. The model has proven quite robust - in fact that is possibly the only fault, in that weight could be saved by making things a bit less sturdy. On the other hand, for a beginner and someone who is going to fly in less than ideal conditions, it is a plus.