Standard Yellow-Grey 2-Part Self Hardening Putty

Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey 2-Part Self Hardening Putty
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Milliput Item # mpp1
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"An Absolute Must For Large Kits"
If you're building a big kit, and I mean a BIG kit like a 1/200 Missouri, then you NEED this. In my case Trumpeter's Missouri kit actually needed almost the entire two bars to fill in weak areas and mold errors. If you do use this keep in mind that once it cures, it's like a rock. It's very hard to sand, so if you're one of those people who leaves a bunch of putty sticking out... good luck. It also works well for making hollow areas of your model heavier. A heftier model just feels higher quality, so I use this often as just dead-weight.

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"A must for modelers"
hisandhershhq (Missouri)
I purchased this stuff a few months ago. It was the first time I had ever worked with a two-part putty. Allow me to say, this product is very user friendly. I turned the hood of a 1929 Ford Model T into an upper wolfs jaw with this stuff. I then turned the 1972 Chevy Racers Wedge cab into Jack Skellintons' skull with it. I will do my best to ensure I am never again without this great product. I highly recommend Milliput for even the most novice of model builders.

"The greatest stuff on Earth. Even greater than Great Stuff foam."
I've been using this epoxy for about 8 years now. Use it for just about every model I've built in that time. Great for filling gaps but I use it mainly for sculpting and modding figures. Make sure to mix parts as evenly as possible so it dries and cures well. Also keep your hands clean in order to make it easier to sculpt. It cures in about a day or overnight and can be filed, sanded, and polished until as smooth as styrene/plastic. You definitely need this in your tool box.

"Excellent epoxy putty"
Really easy to work with. You can sculpt and shape it with different tools or even your fingers while it's fresh, and sand it to fix imperfections when it's hard. It's also relatively light, which is an advantage. Highly recommended!

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