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Product Description

The VULCANITE H76 is a sleek, single 38mm motor payload carrying vehicle. It was designed expressly for the VULCAN SYSTEMS H80 motor. This model can attain altitudes in access of over 3500ft. on H motor power. This kit is recommended for level 1 "H MOTOR" certification.

Product Features
  • -Pre-slotted airframe/fin construction
  • -Precision cut plywood fins and rings
  • -Payload section
  • -Plastic nose cone
  • -28" nylon chute
Product Specifications
  • Length: 53.3"
  • Diameter: 2.26"
  • Weight: 23 oz.
  • Fins: Precision Cut Plywood
  • Recovery: Parachute
  • Max Altitude: 3500'
  • Motor Mount: 38mm
  • Stages: 1
  • LOC Product Number: PK52
Requirements & Suggestions
  • Rocket Engines:
    G40-7* (aro74007),
    G40-10* (aro74010)
    *NOTE: 38/24mm adapter required (locmma2)
  • Igniters (est2302)(qus7024) (usually included with the engines)
  • Launch Pad (est302215)(qus7610)
  • Launch Controller
  • Sandpaper (tes8802)
  • Hobby Knife (tes50627c)
  • Glue(tes4505c) (tes3501) or Cement (hlc107)
  • Paint
  • Sanding Sealer (mid71-1) for fins
  • 1/4" Masking Tape (pacmt104)
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Very highly recommended. A *great* mid/high power rocket!
By kgladstone October 21, 2012
We bought this as our first high-power rocket. It is an amazing value. All of the pieces, such as the plywood fins, are very sturdy. We built this with epoxy, after having used CA glue and wood glue for prior rockets. Epoxy is definitely harder to work with, but makes the rocket bullet-proof. We recommend epoxy, especially if you plan to fly this rocket a lot and/or with higher-power engines. The diameter of this rocket would require quite a *lot* of standard recovery wadding, so instead, we've been using attic insulation (AKA dog barf), supplied by our local rocketry club. This rocket supports a tremendous range of engines. It can be used with as small as an F35-5 (24/60). And can be used with as large as an I, and possibly even a J engine, if built very well. Note that we have successfully used nested adapters: putting a 24mm engine, in a 29-24 adapter, inside a 38-29 adapter, inside the rocket. This rocket is a little bit of a challenge to build, such as when the instructions have you drip epoxy deep inside the rocket from a long distance. Also, the slots for the fins were a little longer than the fins themselves, leaving small gaps, which we filled with epoxy, which probably made the rocket even stronger. We love this rocket, and recommend it highly. It is a great value.
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This rocket rocks!!
By chillier67 April 14, 2013
This kit is my first high power capable kit. Instructions are minimal, so a person needs to have experience building rockets before tackling this build. Epoxy was a little more involved that wood glue - you need adequate ventilation and need to use gloves to keep it off your fingers. There are some instructive articles on the web on how to make smooth epoxy fillets for the fins which I found helpful. Quality of components is excellent. My local rocketry club experts recommend I replace the elastic shock cord with tubular nylon which I plan to do. My first launch was on an Estes F50-6T motor, and the rocket flew beautifully. Nice, fast flight, very straight. Deployment was easy to see and film at about 800 feet. A blue sky with high, wispy clouds made the red rocket and parachute really pop. Very light winds allowed the recovery to occur within about 300ft of the launch pad. Iím looking forward to more launches with this rocket using more power motors (G, H, and I). G and larger motors will only be attempted at club launches as the altitude for the Vulcanite gets up there in a hurry. You can launch this with a 38mm J motor, but would need to have high end binoculars and calm winds and a large field if you plan to launch single deployment. Otherwise, modify the design for dual deployment for flights over 1 mile.
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This Rocket Is Highly Recomended
By stephenthormodson September 30, 2015
Flew this rocket for the first time on A F50 to 1000ft parachute failed to deploy and the rocket free fell in a drobless state the rocket survived a fall from 1000 with no damage at all that is what i call good quality fins flew it again and again after that one fail after i learned to pack the parachute right but these fins are ultimately built to withstand anything thrown at them. Highly recommend this rocket.
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Bought for my level 1 certification
By gmk November 14, 2016
This is my first high-power rocket and I am very pleased. I bought this to complete my level 1 certification. I used epoxy for all joints and then a combination of wood glue and plastic-wood filler for fillets and to smooth out the spirals in the tubing. This rocket is heavy, so keep that in mind when choosing a motor. I did deviate from one of the kit components... the shock cord. Instead of using the provided elastic cord, I used a 10' section of flat 3/8 nylon cord. My first launch was for my certification with an Aerotech H128W-M motor. It went perfectly! My second launch was with a Cesaroni I800-15A VMAX (delay set to 10 seconds). I also used my home-made data recorder and telemetry streamer. It reached an altitude of 4,500 feet with a top speed of 870.78 Mph (Mach 1.135)! The recovery for both launches was perfect. I'm hooked!
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Product Tags
Fin Type : Wooden Fins (94)
Engine Mount : 38mm (4)
Rocket Height : Over 36'' (37)
Recovery : Parachute (154)
Max Altitude : Over 2000 ft (11)
Stages : Single Stage (142)
Manufacturer Comments

LOC rockets do not come with decals.

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