Micro Metal Foil Adhesive 1oz

This is the Micro Metal Foil Adhesive 1oz Model Railroad Decals by Microscale.

Microscale Micro Metal Foil Adhesive 1oz Model Railroad Decals #116
 Microscale Inc # msi116
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Microscale Inc Item # msi116
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Spotlight Review

"Priceless When You Need It!"
michael.miller (michael.miller@windstream.net)
There are times when nothing but true metal will serve your needs -- making a wrecked fender, making a plastic part look metallic or creating chrome trim. I have used a gold foil for Kapton insulation on a number of spacecraft to get an authentic look. In the early days I either tried to find some good gold paint or apply gold leaf to parts using plain Elmer's Glue. The results were crap! With Micro Metal Foil Adhesive you get a product with the user in mind, nothing makeshift here. It appears to be pressure sensitive for adhering when dry, so the thinnest of metal leaves can be placed and smoothed without sticking before you want it to. Anyone who has worked with thin foils knows it's a frustrating learning curve that pays off in time. I still seem to get more foil on me and on the floor than I do on the item I'm gilding. The best way to learn is get out your Micro Metal Foil Adhesive and gild everything in sight -- coins, rocks (irregular surfaces), spare model parts, cardboard and most and likely you'll get a good metal finish on at least one finger.

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  • Microscale Product Number: 116
  • Walthers Product Number: 460-116
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 856

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