Micro Sol Setting Solution, 1 oz

Microscale Micro Sol Setting Solution, 1 oz Model Railroad Scratch Supply #mi2
 Microscale Inc # msimi2
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Microscale Inc Item # msimi2
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"Hasn't worked out for me"
The Micro Sol hasn't worked out for me. I do see it altering the decals, but so far it's made and left more wrinkles and bubbles than when I started. I've followed a lot of advice, including letting dry overnight and poking holes or slicing with a scalpel blade with repeated applications of the Micro Sol but my decals just don't lay down. I think your results are very dependent on the manufacturer, age, and condition of your decals. Don't look for this to be a miracle cure.

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  • Microscale Product Number: MI2

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"Decals Do Look Painted On With Micro Sol MI-2"
michael.miller (michael.miller@windstream.net)
I've been using Micro Sol Setting Solution (MI-2 in red lettered bottle)for quite a while and paying more for it elsewhere. It's very affordable at HobbyLinc and at their price I can use it without feeling like I'm applying liquid gold to my decals. The Setting Solution will shrink, soften and stretch your decals to conform to most any variety of surface shaping. Used properly you no longer have to worry about one edge riding up on a curved, angled surface or uneven surfaces like aircraft wing rivets or across door and body panels on a car. The directions on the bottles are clear, concise and I have found following them (for once) gives the very best results. Though not a Con., this solution works quickly on decals. Decals come in different thicknesses and with the thinner decals it will soften them to a point that they are easily damaged if you try to move them a lot once applied. The best course is to use the Micro Sol Setting Solution (MI-1 in blue lettered bottle) sparingly until you get your exact placement, then let it dry some before applying the MI-2 in the red lettered bottle.

"A staple for any plastic modeler"
Along with Micro Set, if you do even a little bit of water slide decal work, you want this on your workbench. Micro Sol is what you use to soften decals and help them conform to irregular surfaces of your model. If a single application of Micro Sol doesn't work, you can apply it several more times for greater decal-softening effect. Micro Sol works great, but there are stronger (hotter) softening solutions out there to consider. But this should work 98% of the time.

"Microscale Industries, Inc. Micro Sol, MI-2"
Christopher A. Wing (Fresno, CA)
Microscale Industries, Inc. Micro Sol, MI-2 setting solution for decals is a much more powerful decal softener than the Micro Set product. Micro Sol is strong enough to soften the decal to make it conform to sharp angles and rough surfaces such as elevated rivets or recessed panel lines. Proper use of this product will help to reduce decal silvering. Rolling a cotton swab over the decal while applying gentle pressure will help to push out any air bubbles and absorb excess Micro Sol. The user should be careful and use this product sparingly in multiple applications as excessive amounts applied too quickly will flood the surface and melt the decal. Please follow directions printed on the bottle carefully for the best results. This product is recommended for model builders of all skill levels.

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