Model Rocket Launch Controller
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A model rocket launch controller is a piece of electrical equipment whose purpose is to ignite the model rocket igniter used to fire a model rocket engine. A launch controller, along with a launch pad, make up a model rocket launch system.

Every launch controller consists of and electrical source (or the ability to connect to an external battery) to supply the voltage needed to cause the igniter to burn. Also featured is a manual firing mechanism, usually with a safety lock (or key) for protection for accidental firings. The controller is connect to the model rocket igniter through a safe length of wire and igniter clips to connect to the igniter.

Manufacturer variations

While all launch controllers use the same concepts to operate, the controllers and igniters are not interchangeable between manufacturers. Estes igniters should be fired with an Estes launch controller, and Aerotech igniters should be used with an Aerotech launch controller.

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