Model Rocket Product Lines

Many different model rocket product lines are available from a number of manufacturers.

Model Rocket Kit

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A model rocket kit is what is most often referred to as a model rocket. This is the most common item from the model rocket product lines. Each model rocket comes as a kit, which means that it requires assembly.

The basic steps for a model rocket kit are:

A model rocket kit can range in difficulty from very simple, to highly complex. They can range from single stage rockets to a multi-stage rocket. To help differentiate these items, most rockets are classified using the Model Rocket Skill Level classification system.

Educational Sets

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Most rocketeers are introduced to model rockets at an early age, and many keep that passion a lifetime and pass it along to their own children. This has been the history of model rocketry. A rocketry program is perfect for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, school field days, summer camps, church youth group outings, birthday parties, to simply introducing your own child to rocketry.

As such, most every model rocket kit is designed with the student in mind. Most kits are fairly easy to build and are designed for stable flight. The come with detailed instructions on how to build the model rocket and how to launch the rocket safely.

The lessons that can be taught through a model rocketry program are plentiful. First, the building of the rocket teaches basic modeling skills such as following directions, preparing a model for assembly, how to glue a project together, and much more. The launching of the rocket teaches safety since a model rocket engine must be treated with respect. Advanced lessons can be taught in aerodynamics, geometry, algebra, and physics.

Ready To Fly

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A ready to fly model rocket is a rocket that is already built. All that is needed is a model rocket engine to power the rocket, and a launch system to launch from. This model rocket product line is great for introducing kids to model rocketry through the excitement of rocket flight.

These rockets are available in several different ways:

Starter Set

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The model rocket product lines include the model rocket starter set, which has all the rocket components needed to build and launch a model rocket. This is the most cost-effective way to be introduced to model rocketry.

The starter set typically consists of:

Launch Set

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A model rocket launch set is the same as a model rocket starter set, except that the model rocket engines are not included. This model rocket product line allows for faster delivery of the product, since the rocket engines are considered HAZMAT and must ship via ground per federal regulations.

The model rocket inside the model rocket launch set can be either a model rocket kit, which requires assembly, or a ready to fly model rocket which is fully assembled.