Shirley Muldowney Ford Mustang FC

This is the MPC 1/25 scale Shirley Muldowney Ford Mustang FC plastic model car kit.

MPC Shirley Muldowney Ford Mustang FC Plastic Model Car Kit 1/25 Scale #pc1001
 MPC by Ertl # mpcpc1001
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MPC by Ertl Item # mpcpc1001
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Spotlight Review

"Nicely Detailed Kit"
Paul Reffner (
Unlike other drag/funny cars, the frame is in one piece which makes assembly at lot easier since you don't have to cement small parts together while assuring the frame remains square. The instructions are not very detailed, so would not recommend this as your first kit. The only finnicky part of this kit is how the front axle mounts to the frame. The mounting points are very shallow which makes for a fun time to get the axle in proper alignment. Suggest you build all the frame and suspension at one time and paint as one assembly. This means painting over the chrome front axle, but that can always be hand-detailed with brush silver paint. I did have to trim a bit off the front part of the interior tub where it butts up against the engine block in order for the tub to sit flat against the frame rails. The decals are outstanding. Just take your time with the one on the hood since it will take some Micro Sol on the edges to get it to lay down over the contours of the hood. But, after a day or so, the solvent will snug them down nicely.

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"Looks like an old kit upgraded."
rkoenn (Brandon, FL)
I built his for a client. I don't normally build cars but he wanted this one. I was surprised at what I would consider the low quality. Even the pieces had quite a bit of flash. There were some nice things about it but overall I'd give it a C+. That said the one piece frame was nice but then I started noticing how things seemed kludged like additional glue on pieces to stretch the cockpit and push the engine forward. Some parts really were held in place strictly with glue with no real locators. And some part fits were poor. I also found that the cockpit cover that is glued inside the body with the rear hinges did not place the body correctly near the end and needed to break and reglue the aft drop down piece to get the body in the correct position. The body was decent enough and the paint went on nicely. Also like the other reviewer said, very nice decals. My client was happy and it looked pretty good done but only a mediocre quality kit in my expience. Recommended only for someone really looking for this car and not a novice builder.

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