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Zip Kicker Aerosol 5 oz

CA Super Glue Accelerator
$9.99 $7.39
26% Off
Pacer # paapt50
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This is a 5oz Aerosol Can of Zip Kicker by Pacer.

RIC 560 Canopy Glue 2 oz

Miscellaneous Hobby Glue
$4.39 $3.79
Pacer # paapt56
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The world's best canopy glue. Works on all materials, and dries clear.

Poly Zap 1/2 oz

Miscellaneous Glue
$6.59 $5.29
* Due Mid Mar. *
Pacer # paapt22
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High-performance formula for lexan, delron, nylon, plycarbonate, rubber, etc. Ideal for canopies and ARF Kits. Won't fog if Kicker is not used.