18ml Bottle Acrylic Anthracite Grey Mat Aqua Color

This is the Revell-Germany 18ml Bottle Acrylic Anthracite Grey Mat hobby and model acrylic paint.

Revell-Germany 18ml Bottle Acrylic Anthracite Grey Mat Aqua Color Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #36109
 Revell of Germany # rvl36109
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Revell of Germany Item # rvl36109
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Spotlight Review

This is a very thick paint. It requires a large amount of effort to get it smooth(stirred). 3 Out of the 12 in the order would not blend/bind. 1 BIG glob of “paint” when 1st opened. I won’t be using Revell Agua paint again.

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  • Revell-Germany Product Number: 36109

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"Revell Germany's 18 ml acrylic paint box containers"
RAW42 (VA)
The acrylic paint is fine. My complaint, and I just ordered 5 of these 18 ml containers, is the packaging, or new bottle that they are sold in. It is not really a bottle, but rather a small plastic box approximately 32 mm x 32 mm x 41 mm in size. They are extremely difficult to open, the top part of the box being cut on a slant. One has to cut through a paper label seal with a knife on two sides; hold the bottom of the box below the cut in one hand; and twist the upper part of the box to the left with the other-- the lid is NOT threaded. This must be done very carefully to avoid accidentally spilling the paint, and also because there are two holding hooks at the top of the inner lid that can easily be twisted or broken in the lid removal process. After opening I would recommend washing the lid thoroughly and that includes having to scrape it to produce a paint-free lid wall before replacing it on the box bottom. This latter procedure is to avoid paint build-up on subsequent uses, possibly leading to a stuck lid, impossible to free without spilling. Unless one has a pair of pliers with jaws large enough to encompass the box (and most regular pliers do not have large enough jaws), I can't see how the lid can be twisted to break it free of dried paint on the inner lid. Whoever designed this box in lieu of the age old round bottle with the metal screw-on lid should be put in a straight jacket and locked in a rubber-walled room! If you are desparate for the paint color try it; but I think the phrase caveat emptor certainly applies here!

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