Porsche Diesel Junior 108

This is the 1/24 Scale Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Plastic Model Tractor Kit by Revell.

Revell-Monogram Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Plastic Model Tractor Kit 1/24 Scale #854485
 Revell-Monogram # rmx854485
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Revell-Monogram Item # rmx854485
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Spotlight Review

"A Hidden Gem of a Kit"
This inexpensive kit has a lot going for it, and will appeal to both beginners and experienced modelers. It's a relatively simple kit with only 76 parts, but the parts are well-molded, with lots of molded-in details. There are some detail options included in the kit, and its large 1/24 scale makes it easy to add ones own detailing. The kit is molded in 3 colors, plus chrome and clear, so the beginner modeler need not paint it to get a good-looking model. The finished model will look good displayed factory-fresh, or well-used and weathered, on its own, or in a vignette or diorama.

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  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 854485

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"A tractor? Yes, a tractor!"
dfyinger (California)
The Revell Porsche-Diesel Junior 108 tractor is a fun model to build. It is a snap-fit-designed model and reflects modern kit engineering. Revell also boxes this kit as Revell of Germany 07820 and, as a starter set, kit 67820. The parts fit well together with large locating pins and positive mounting points. It is an unusual subject which makes building it even more interesting. The model is molded in red, ivory, black, and clear, with chrome-plated parts and vinyl tires. One could assemble the model without paint or glue and still have a nice-looking model. However, painting the tractor brings out the details well. An experienced modeler could weather the tractor and make a convincing rendition. Revell includes several options for builders to customize the model. There are two seat options, two side rail options, optional front fenders, and a roll bar. The decals have yellow and silver lettering options, badges, and vehicle registrations. The front wheels are poseable, but the optional fenders limit their motion. I initially built mine with functional steering but glued it in place after one of the tie-rod pins broke. The fragility of the front steering does not detract from the overall kit appeal, as it is nicely detailed. However, it is worth considering if having that feature is important to you. The part fitment is tight in some places and requires significant pressure to seat them fully. When painted, the front wheels are an extremely snug fit with the axle housing. This issue led to my broken tie-rod pin: too much pressure locating the front wheel in the front axle housing sheered the pin. All other parts fit well with light to moderate force and only minor seam and flash clean-up. I rate the Porsche-Diesel Junior 108 kit with five stars because it is well-engineered, easy to assemble, and offers a variety of options for modelers to make this somewhat unusual subject their own. A beginning builder could put this kit together easily, and an experienced modeler could super-detail and add weathering effects to make a convincing miniature tractor.

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