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(bulk of 6) Extra Thin Cement 40 ml

Plastic Model Cement
$33.00 $26.40
Tamiya # tam87038
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Extra-thin plastic model cement with applicator brush. Used to glue parts already held together. The thin glue will wick into the joint for a firm bond.

Plastic Cement 20 ml

Plastic Model and Hobby Cement
$3.30 $2.64
Tamiya # tam87012
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Plastic Model glue with applicator brush.

Extra Thin Cement 40ml (Quick-Setting)

Plastic Model Cement
$4.80 $3.84
Tamiya # tam87182
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This the extra thin cement from Tamiya.

(bulk of 6) Decal Adhesive, Softener Type

$28.80 $23.94
* currently unavailable
Tamiya # tam87193
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