Tamiya Putty White

This is a tube White Plastic Model Putty from Tamiya.:

Tamiya Tamiya Putty White Hobby and Plastic Model Putty #87095
 Tamiya # tam87095
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Tamiya Item # tam87095
Specifications :
  • Contents: 1.1oz (32g)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 87095
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Spotlight Review

"Good putty, very strong odors though."
I've been using this for minor seam filling on scale kits and it does the job well. It sands smooth and is easy to apply. When applying this you want to squeeze out about a marble size drop and add a couple drops of lacquer thinner to thin it to a paint-like consistency. This makes for a thinner coat going on and reduces the amount of sanding required. So far its done a nice job, but the down side is that it does have odors because it is lacquer-based and lacquer thinner is needed to thin it out. So I wouldn't recommend it for kids or those who can't be around the odors.

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  • For repairing and modifying plastic models and repairing and coverin the surfaces of metal and wooden models.:
  • Can be diluted with Tamiya lacquer thinner before curing.:


  • Contents: 1.1oz (32g)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 87095


Tube of White Plastic Model Putty:

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Applying with spatula type tool:
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"One of the best"
nscrfns (Killeen, TX)
Very fine putty. Lacquer based and it will shrink some. May need a second application for best results. Dries to the touch fast but best if left overnight before sanding. Sands easily. Can be cleaned up with lacquer thinner. Use tape on either side of seam being filled to help protect panel likes or other details

"Soft Putty"
This putty is actually pretty soft and easy to sand. There is a strong odor but it's on the level of paint odors. It probably won't kill you. The putty does shrink a little after it cures which is something to keep in mind. I would use a bit too much putty, and then sand it down. It sands easily so that's not a problem. It's nice putty for seams but not so good for large fill-ins.

"Does the job"
parisfrisby (Prescott Valley, AZ)
I use this putty when I'm modifying a part (adding or removing material) not just filling gaps. Its pretty strong once it has time to cure and that depends on how much you use. I always let it sit over night before messing with it. I have had large gaps shrink quite a bit requiring reapplication and set time. Use a good primer and coat it more than once to get a good finish. TIP: I use q-tips dipped in lacquer thinner to smooth out the edges of the a area to reduce sanding.

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