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Decal Setting Solution

1/4 oz Bottle
Decal Set
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Testors # tes8804tt
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This is Testors 1/4 ounce (7.5mL) Decal Set Solution.

Gray Masking Tape

3 Sizes
Painting Masking Tape
$22.71 $17.39
* currently unavailable
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Testors # tes281179
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This is the Testors Gray Masking Tape 3 sizes painting masking tape. Includes 2 of each size.

Custom Painting Masks

Painting Mask
$16.98 $14.19
* currently unavailable
Testors # tes50689c
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This is Testors Custom Painting Stencil Mask. FEATURES: Jimmy Flinstone laser-cut stencil mask Peel and stick onto model for quick and easy designs _ INCLUDES: Three 4x6" stensil mask Two sheets of flames One sheet with 2-flames and 2-paint splashes One instruction sheet for use of stencil REQUIRES: Hobby Knife Straight Tweezers Masking Tape.