Mig19PM Farmer E Fighter Aircraft

This is a 1/48 scale Mig19PM Farmer E Fighter plastic model airplane.

Trumpeter Mig19PM Farmer E Fighter Aircraft Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #2804
 Trumpeter # tsm2804
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Trumpeter Item # tsm2804
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Spotlight Review

"Great fitting kit, well worth the price!"
The fit of this kit is very good, with only a few minor places needing some filing. The wings join to the fuselage by sliding into a slot lengthwise, and it is here that you may encounter problems with the fit. The problem is mainly the wing root is too thick or slightly misshaped. I simply used a file to thin the top and bottom surface at the joint slightly. This model does not include an engine, only the nozzle and a cap at the end. This doesn't really matter since you can't see inside without a flashlight anyways. Even though there isn't an engine, this kit is still a tail sitter. Before you close up the cockpit, you must weigh the front down. The instructions didn't mention anything about weight, so I simply cut 3 US pennies in half and glued the six pieces in under the cockpit tub. There are a lot of small parts in this kit, so you should really read the instructions thoroughly to not miss any of them. There are a few extra parts, which is very nice to have in case you lose some. There are a few places that need to be cut so parts can fit. Overall, this is a nice kit (much better than the Trumpeter Mig-15 I was building before this one). I would definitely recommend this!

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Matthew M. (Orofino Id)
I figure I would add the Mig-19 into the fighter jet model collection. I always wanted to build one I can't wait to put it together. As all Trumpeter kits it's nothing but great quality you won't be disappointed.


The MiG-19 Farmer was the first supersonic fighter built in the former USSR. The MiG-19 prototype made its first flight in September 1953 and was placed into production in 1955. It was the Soviet Union's primary fighter during the last half of the 1950's. Possibly as many as 10,000 MiG-19's, in various versions, were built by the Soviet Union, China, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. About 2,000 have been built in the People's Republic of China. Many other countries used the MiG-19, including Cuba, North Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq, and most of the Warsaw Pact nations. The Soviet Union phased out the MiG-19 in the early 1960s in favor of the more advanced MiG-21. However, the MiG-19 continued to be used by the other nations for many more years.

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