P47N Thunderbolt Fighter

This is the 1/32 scale P-47N Thunderbolt plastic model kit by Trumpeter. For ages 14 years of age and older

Trumpeter P47N Thunderbolt Fighter Plastic Model Airplane 1/32 Scale #02265
 Trumpeter # tsm02265
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Trumpeter Item # tsm02265
Features :

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray Black treaded tires Clear canopy and cowling Photo etched parts Colorful decals Illustrated instructions.

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Spotlight Review

"A Really BIG Jug!"
sem762x54 (Santa Clara, CA)
This is a beautiful kit. The shame is that much of the internal detail will never be seen once the model is assembled. This kit comes complete with the entire Turbo-Supercharger assembly which fits into the fuselage of this model. Though it does add structural integrity to the model as a whole, don't waste your time painting these materials as when you close up the fuselage, they will never see the light of day. The surface detail on the panels is beautiful. For those Rivet Counters reading this, I'd sat this model will even satisfy you folks. This model comes with all of the different propeller options, (I think this particular Sprue is used in all of their P-47 Kits), so you can select early type propellers to replicate a possible battle damaged/replaced and replaced prop. This model also comes with Photo Etched Brass parts to add detail. For myself I went to my local hobby shop and purchased brass wire to bend and replace the existing cast brake-lines and other hoses to add detail and reality to the landing gear. The cast on lines were merely raised portions of plastic that looked bad, I shaved them off, drilled placement holes into the landing gear main struts and replaced with brass lines and used CA to affix them into location. The same with any hoses/lines found inside the wheel wells. The engine is a highly detailed part of this model, and there were some parts I also replaced with brass wire, (IE: Ignition Wires, Exhaust Manifolds, Injector Rings and Push Rod Tubes). The cast ones were entirely too delicate and often broke as a result from being clipped from the sprues. Using the plastic parts as a template, I simply manufactured new brass parts to replace the plastic parts, then affixed them with CA into their proper locations. Trumpeter should consider making these parts Photo Etched Brass, the detail would be better, and the increased cost would be minimal. This model will be an impressive addition to anyone's collection!

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Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray Black treaded tires Clear canopy and cowling Photo etched parts Colorful decals Illustrated instructions.


  • Length: 13.66" (347 mm)
  • Width: 16.02" (407 mm)
  • Pieces: 421 pieces
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 02265


(1) 1/32 scale P-47N Thunderbolt plastic model kit


"Excellent Jug"
Trumpeter really did a nice job with this kit, the detail on the parts is fantastic, crisply molded with finely engraved and raised details. A particular high note detail wise is the engine and turbo charging system. While a lot of this detail will not be seen I found that after working on this model the full engine with all the turbo intakes, ducting and piping gave me a higher understanding and appreciation of the aircraft. Even with all this interior detail fit on the parts was excellent and I had no trouble assembling the kit. My one gripe would be perhaps the decals which I found had a tendency to be rather thin and easy to tear/crumble. That said they were in good register and the color was excellent. Instructions were well laid out and clear. In conclusion the kit is well detailed and well engineered, to the point it gives the final impression you are a better modeler than perhaps you are. One of trumpeters best yet, highly recommended.


Actual model may vary from image on box Due to many small parts that could become a choking hazard, please keep away from children 3 years of age and younger.