Vallejo Model Color

Vallejo Model Color is a range of opaque and highly pigmented acrylic water-based colors, especially formulated for brush application on models and miniatures of resin, plastic or metal. The colors cover extremely well and extend easily without concealing the most minute details of the figures or vehicles. All the colors can be mixed with one another and dry to a mat, even finish without leaving traces of brushstrokes; they can be diluted with water or Vallejo Thinner. For airbrushing it is recommended to dilute the colors with 50% Airbrush Thinner. Possible mistakes can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol. Once dry, the colors are waterproof and permanent.

Model Color Chart
Model Color Chart

The range contains a selection of military colors with equivalencies (see the Equivalences chart to the right) to RAL, RLM and FS values, as well as metallic colors, glazes, transparent and fluorescent colors. The transparent colors can be applied directly for the tinting of headlights and signal lights; when diluted with Gloss Medium, these colors are ideal for tinting airplane or car windows (smoked glass). The glazes are used for a quick shading of the figure or model.

On the color chart, "70.849" would translate Hobbylinc product number "VLJ70849". Simply search with this product number to find it in the catalog.

The "POS" column on the Equivalence chart is the position on the Color Chart (circled number at the bottom-right of each color) where you will find that color.


ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.919VLJ70919Cold White
70.842VLJ70842Gloss White
70.820VLJ70820Off White
70.928VLJ70928Light Flesh
70.837VLJ70837Pale Sand
70.916VLJ70916Sand Yellow
70.949VLJ70949Light Yellow
70.952VLJ70952Lemon Yellow
70.806VLJ70806German Yellow
70.858VLJ70858Ice Yellow
70.915VLJ70915Deep Yellow
70.953VLJ70953Flat Yellow
70.948VLJ70948Golden Yellow
70.815VLJ70815Basic Skin Tone
70.955VLJ70955Flat Flesh
70.927VLJ70927Dark Flesh
70.845VLJ70845Sunny Skin Tone
70.860VLJ70860Medium Fleshtone
70.911VLJ70911Light Orange
70.805VLJ70805German Orange
70.851VLJ70851Bright Orange
70.956VLJ70956Clear Orange
70.910VLJ70910Orange Red
70.947VLJ70947Dark Vermilion
70.908VLJ70908Carmine Red
70.957VLJ70957Flat Red
70.946VLJ70946Dark Red
70.814VLJ70814Burnt Red
70.859VLJ70859Black Red
70.804VLJ70804Beige Red
70.835VLJ70835Salmon Rose
70.803VLJ70803Brown Rose
70.944VLJ70944Old Rose
70.802VLJ70802Sunset Red
70.812VLJ70812Violet Red
70.810VLJ70810Royal Purple
70.811VLJ70811Blue Violet
70.898VLJ70898Dark Sea Blue
70.807VLJ70807Oxford Blue
70.899VLJ70899Dark Prussian Blue
70.965VLJ70965Purple Black
70.930VLJ70930Dark Blue
70.809VLJ70809Royal Blue
70.962VLJ70962Flat Blue
70.963VLJ70963Medium Blue
70.964VLJ70964Field Blue
70.900VLJ70900French Mirage Blue
70.903VLJ70903Intermediate Blue
70.943VLJ70943Grey Blue
70.901VLJ70901Pastel Blue
70.906VLJ70906Pale Blue
70.841VLJ70841Andrea Blue
70.844VLJ70844Deep Sky Blue
70.961VLJ70961Sky Blue
70.840VLJ70840Light Turquoise
70.808VLJ70808Blue Green
70.970VLJ70970Deep Green
70.969VLJ70969Park Green Flat
70.891VLJ70891Intermediate Green
70.942VLJ70942Light Green
70.974VLJ70974Green Sky
70.827VLJ70827Lime Green
70.954VLJ70954Yellow Green
70.857VLJ70857Golden Olive
70.833VLJ70833German Camo Bright Green
70.850VLJ70850Medium Olive
70.967VLJ70967Olive Green
70.968VLJ70968Flat Green
70.922VLJ70922Uniform Green
70.920VLJ70920German Uniform
70.823VLJ70823Luftwaffe Camo Green
70.892VLJ70892Yellow Olive
70.895VLJ70895Gunship Green
70.975VLJ70975Military Green
70.890VLJ70890Refractive Green
70.889VLJ70889Olive Brown
70.888VLJ70888Olive Grey
70.887VLJ70887US Olive Drab
70.924VLJ70924Russian Uniform WWII
70.893VLJ70893US Dark Green
70.894VLJ70894Camouflage Olive Green
70.979VLJ70979German Camouflage Dark Green
70.897VLJ70897Bronze Green
70.896VLJ70896German Camouflage Extra Dark Green
70.980VLJ70980Black Green
70.886VLJ70886Green Grey
70.830VLJ70830German Fieldgrey WWII
70.821VLJ70821German Camouflage Beige WWII
70.884VLJ70884Stone Grey
70.816VLJ70816Luftwaffe Uniform WWII
70.971VLJ70971Green Grey
70.972VLJ70972Light Green Blue
70.973VLJ70973Light Sea Grey
70.885VLJ70885Pastel Green
70.986VLJ70986Deck Tan
70.987VLJ70987Medium Grey
70.881VLJ70881Yellow Green
70.880VLJ70880Khaki Grey
70.879VLJ70879Green Brown
70.978VLJ70978Dark Yellow
70.923VLJ70923Japan Uniform WWII
70.914VLJ70914Green Ochre
70.913VLJ70913Yellow Ochre
70.912VLJ70912Tan Yellow
70.847VLJ70847Dark Sand
70.819VLJ70819Iraqi Sand
70.977VLJ70977Desert Yellow
70.877VLJ70877Gold Brown
70.856VLJ70856Ochre Brown
70.824VLJ70824German Camouflage Orange Ochre
70.929VLJ70929Light Brown
70.829VLJ70829Amaranth Red
70.981VLJ70981Orange Brown
70.876VLJ70876Brown Sand
70.843VLJ70843Cork Brown
70.874VLJ70874Tan Earth
70.875VLJ70875Maroon Beige
70.818VLJ70818Red Leather
70.982VLJ70982Calvary Brown
70.940VLJ70940Saddle Brown
70.846VLJ70846Mahogany Brown
70.984VLJ70984Flat Brown
70.921VLJ70921English Uniform
70.873VLJ70873US Field Drab
70.983VLJ70983Flat Earth
70.825VLJ70825German Camouflage Pale Brown
70.826VLJ70826German Camouflage Medium Brown
70.985VLJ70985Hull Red
70.871VLJ70871Leather Brown
70.941VLJ70941Burnt Umber
70.872VLJ70872Chocolate Brown
70.822VLJ70822German Camouflage Black Brown
70.993VLJ70993White Grey
70.907VLJ70907Pale Grey Blue
70.989VLJ70989Sky Grey
70.990VLJ70990Light Grey
70.905VLJ70905Blue Grey Pale
70.904VLJ70904Dark Blue Grey
70.870VLJ70870Medium Sea Grey
70.991VLJ70991Dark Sea Grey
70.992VLJ70992Neutral Grey
70.836VLJ70836London Grey
70.869VLJ70869Basalt Grey
70.868VLJ70868Dark Sea Green
70.867VLJ70867Dark Blue Grey
70.866VLJ70866Grey Green
70.994VLJ70994Dark Grey
70.995VLJ70995German Grey
70.862VLJ70862Black Grey
70.861VLJ70861Glossy Black


Vallejo adds bits of silver to this line of paints to give them that "metallic" look.

ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.878VLJ70878Old Gold
70.865VLJ70865Oily Steel
70.864VLJ70864Natural Steel
70.863VLJ70863Gunmetal Grey
70.800VLJ70800Gunmetal Blue


The transparent colors can be applied directly for the tinting of headlights and signal lights; when diluted with Gloss Medium, these colors are ideal for tinting airplane or car windows (smoked glass).

ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.834VLJ70834Natural Woodgrain
70.937VLJ70937Transparent Yellow
70.935VLJ70935Transparent Orange
70.934VLJ70934Transparent Red
70.938VLJ70938Transparent Blue
70.936VLJ70936Transparent Green


ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.730VLJ70730Fluorescent Yellow
70.733VLJ70733Fluorescent Orange
70.745VLJ70735Fluorescent Magenta
70.736VLJ70736Fluorescent Blue
70.737VLJ70737Fluorescent Green

Metallic in Alcohol

Vallejo add bits of silver to this line of paints to give them that "metallic" look.

ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.970VLJ70970Metallic Silver
70.791VLJ70791Metallic Gold
70.792VLJ70792Metallic Old Gold
70.793VLJ70793Metallic Rich Gold
70.794VLJ70794Metallic Red Gold
70.795VLJ70795Metallic Green Gold
70.796VLJ70796Metallic White Gold
70.797VLJ70797Metallic Copper


  • Thinner: 1 part thinner to 1 part paint
  • Flow Improver: 1 part Improver to 4-5 parts paint


The Model Color range includes a series of Mediums which have been formulated to customize the properties of the colors.

Glaze Medium dilutes the color and delays drying time; it is used for shading and blending, and perfect for working with pigments.

With Metallic Medium the colors acquire a pearly or metallic sheen.

Crackle or Chipping Medium, applied between two coats of Model Color, will cause the top coat to develop fissures and cracks.

The retarder medium extends the working and drying time for a paint, which is helpful in an airbrush so the paint does not dry inside the airbrush so quickly.


Model Color varnishes can be applied by brush or Airbrush. They dry rapidly and do not leave fingerprints (no tack). Once protected by a varnish, the colors will resist oil paints, enamels and solvent based washes.


Glazes are used for a quick shading.

ColorVallejo #Item #Name
70.853VLJ70853White Glaze
70.832VLJ70832Verdigris Glaze
70.831VLJ70831Tan Glaze
70.854VLJ70854Brown Glaze
70.855VLJ70855Black Glaze

Colors are Approximated

The color swatches are for reference only. The actual paint color once applied to a model, will NOT be 100% identical to the color shown on the computer screen.