Touch-N-Flow System Set (Bottle, Applicator & Cement)

This is the Flex-I-File Touch-N-Flow System Set (Bottle, Applicator & Cement) plastic model cement.

Flex-I-File Touch-N-Flow System Set (Bottle, Applicator & Cement) Plastic Model Cement #7000
 Flex-I-File # flx7000
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Flex-I-File Item # flx7000
Features :
  • Gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it's held at
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Awsome great asset to my War on Terror diorama. 8'x8' description of activity in Iraq, Afghanistan war zone with US Military Bases and Air Strips.

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  • Gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it's held at


  • Flex-I-File Product Number: 7000


  • Applicator, Filler Squeeze Bottle and 2oz bottle of Plast-I-Weld solvent cement

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"One of the best tools on my workbench"
dpenn89 (Jersey Shore, NJ)
The touch-n-flow applicator is a thin glass tube with a steel needle at the end that one uses to weld parts together with the included Plast-I-Weld, or any other liquid glue (I have had success with the Testors glue that comes in the glass bottle, as well). There's a bit of a learning curve, especially if you buy the tool without the filler bottle, but once you get the hang of it, this thing makes life much easier. I'm basically a huge klutz, and I normally make a big mess with polystyrene cement. The touch-n-flow allows me to put the glue just along the seam between the two parts I'm joining (capillary action draws the liquid in, and it's easy to control), and by squeezing the parts together, the melted plastic beads up along the seam. Use the back of a knife blade to scrape the bead away, and the seam is gone, without using putty or other filler. I'm also pretty sure you could leave the bead of melted plastic along the seam line to simulate a welded join. The only complaint I have is that the tool is fairly fragile-it's made out of glass after all, and the needle can bend if you're not gentle with it.

"Good Soltion for Tiny, Delicate Parts"
michael.miller (
I haven't used the Toch-N-Flow extensively, but so far it seems very good for my purposes. Many of the models I build have tiny suspension and other parts that don't go together well with traditional glues like Testors. Touch-N-Flow allows me to concentrate the welding fluid exactly where I need it and it melts the two surfaces together. Additionally, it doesn't seem to damage bare plastic parts very much at points not intended to be welded. A negative might be the prep time for the bonding agent, filling the bottle and then filling the applicator. It's worth the trouble; however, it takes time to set it up, use the system and then store it again if you need to only make one weld.

"awesome product"
I love this applicator because it allows me to get into tight areas and weld together seams efficiently . its a must have

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