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This is a Plastic Weld Cement from Plastruct.

Plastruct Plastiweld (1) Plastic Model Cement #00002
 Plastruct # pls00002
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Plastruct Item # pls00002
Features :
  • Brush in caps
  • Cements by capillary action
  • Sets in minutes
  • Used for bonding Plastruct ABS, Styrene, Butyrate or Acrylic to each other, or in combination.
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Spotlight Review

"Great adhesive, but use sparingly"
lfnth8r (Wisconsin)
Great product, but when I first used it (growing up, probably 12 years ago) I brushed it on like restore plastic cement. DON'T do that with this stuff, all that's needed is a thing coat on each surface before joining the pieces, or just hold the parts gently together and touch the brush to one end of the joint. That's it. Great stuff, will definitely but again.

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  • Brush in caps
  • Cements by capillary action
  • Sets in minutes
  • Used for bonding Plastruct ABS, Styrene, Butyrate or Acrylic to each other, or in combination.


  • Plastruct Product Number: 00002


One 2oz bottle of plastiweld cement

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"Can't build plastic kits without it!"
Full Steam Ahead
Until recently trying Plastiweld, I didnt realize what I had been missing. Very easy to use with little practice, just brush on each seem, then joint the seems and put a drop on one end to reactivate what was brushed on earlier and you have a near perfect-solid welded seem. With my recent experience I found it is much easier and less messy to use a finer brush than the one in the lid and use cement applicator tool like the examples sold on this site. This product is a must, and the add on tools make it less messy and easier to use. Cant go wrong here... Highly recommend.

"Here's another use for it"
no.1silverback (Mesa Az)
An old school builder told me about this and I highly recommend it. Put about 1/2 oz. In a small glass jar, drop in a few small pieces of cut up sprue. Let sit about 24-36 hours ubtil the plastic melts,and you've got some awesome body putty. Doesn't shrink, it's sandable and has same texture as the parts you're joining because it's made of the same plastic. Unused portion will keep for quite a while if you've got it in a jar that seals tight. You can add more cement anytime to thin it too, or plastic to thicken it. Works excellent.

"Highly recommended plastic cement"
This is the best plastic cement I have used. (I really hate the tube stuff.) Use sparingly, and you can build a real nice plastic model. It wicks in like CA, and quickly makes a strong bond. A favorite use of mine is for building rail guides for model rockets out of ABS Plastruct H columns, as well as rectangular and square tubes. I just cut my pieces to size and shape, hold them together and wick in the cement. Done! Just remember to keep the lid on tight, or it will evaporate before you know it. Also, don't put it on too heavily, it runs like water and will get all over your work.


Caution: Contains Trichloromethane. Do not take internally. Avoid eye contact and prolonged breathing of vapors. Use in well ventilated area. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. May cause nausea. Avoid repeated contact with skin, and wash skin well after use. If swallowed, phone physician, local emergency hospital or poison center.

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