A8-3 Rocket Engines (24)

This is a 24 bulk pack of Estes A8-3 model rocket engines. Includes 24 engines, 30 igniters, and recovery wadding.

Estes A8-3 Rocket Engines (24) Model Rocket Engine Bulk Pack #1781
 Estes Rockets # est1781
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Estes Rockets Item # est1781
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Spotlight Review

"Buy this bulk set!"
What's not to love? Nearly all low power rockets (LPR) suggest an A8-3 for initial, shake-down flights - so you know you are going to need a large number of them if you have any sizeable quantity in your fleet. Plus, the kit comes with the ignitors and plenty of wadding for your flights as well. Nothing is worse than being on the rocket launch line and realizing you don't have any more motors. Buying in bulk saves $$$ too! Thanks Hobbylinc!

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  • Length: 2 3/4"
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Estes Product Number: 1781


Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great kits"
Worked well for BSA pow wow. Boys ages ranged from 11 to 15 years old and they were able to assemble with minimal help.

"Great student pack"
We recently ordered this engine bulk pack to go with the Alpha educator pack for our scout troop. I have been flying rockets for years and you cannot go wrong with the Estes engines. If you are looking for a couple flights per young person - these bulk packs are the way to go. Comes with all of the ingniters and recovery wadding needed for 24 flights. Estes engines are extremely reliable and the A8-3 is a great first engine because it offers low altitude flights and easy recovery. Highly recommended.

"Good deal"
All things considered, a nice package. Was a rocketry guy in the late 60.s early 70's. Drifted away, no pun intended. Back now with youngest child, a nine year old. ARF rockets? Wow. The days of the super light rockets are replaced with ARF's using allot of plastic which is heavy compared to balsa. Why bring this up? The A8-3 will only lift those entry level plastic beasts a couple hundred feet at best. AT BEST. Use an A8 to figure wind direction and speed. Then use B class engines in the plastics. Now you are at 500+ feet and much more fun for the activity. As I said, all considered, you cant beat the prices and value and selection at Hobbylinc. Just buy the right engines for your model and field and wind conditions on launch day. What a thrill to be back in the hobby and the smell of a spent rocket engine ! Fly safely and join a club.


  • WARNING: Model rocket motors are flammable. Please use caution.
  • Must be 14 to purchase in CA and NJ.
  • Do not burn engines.
  • Soak in water to destroy.

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