Soviet Tank Crew 1943-45 (5)

This is the 1/35 Scale Soviet Tank Crew 1943-45 (5) Plastic Model Figures from Master Box Limited.

Master-Box Soviet Tank Crew 1943-45 (5) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/35 Scale #3568
 Master Box Limited # mbl3568
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Master Box Limited Item # mbl3568
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Spotlight Review

"finely details tank crew"
iraqiwildman (Jefferson City, MO)
This is a five-figure set of a World War II Soviet tank crew. The first figure is an officer who is sitting and smoking a cigarette He is wearing a blue jacket and khaki pants, but does not have any headgear. The second figure looks like a commander, since he fits into the commander’s hatch of the Trumpeter KV-85 that I am also reviewing. There are two options for his left arm. One is extended with his hand resting on the turret top, while the second one is crossed in front of him and is resting on the split hatch. The third figure appears to be a loader or gunner, since he sits perfectly on this open hatch. The box art show him with a pistol and a cross-chest belt, but that is not on the actual figure. The next figure is the driver, who is posed as actively driving the tank with both hands on the control sticks. The fifth figure is a crewman who is holding his helmet and has a foot propped up on something in a casual pose. There is only one sprue and it does not have numbers on it. The back of the box shows this sprue with numbers next to the parts. The back also has the assembly instructions. We get optional helmet ear flaps for three of the figures – either a regular helmet with square earphone pockets or a winter option with round ear phone pockets. The two figures I built were assembled without any fit problems. There was very little molding seam clean up. The face and hand details are very fine, but the uniforms need a little scribing to bring out that detail. The paint scheme is for either a blue or field green uniform, which seems to be generic for any part of the war. The only extra piece I see is a pistol, which is not included on the instructions. I think this should be fitted on the officer, since he has the cross-chest belt on. Also the helmet on the loader/gunner is part 9, not 19, as the instructions say.

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