Fantasy Undead Fighting Skeletons

This is the 1/72 Scale Fantasy Undead Fighting Skeletons (35+) From Caesar Miniatures.

Caesar Fantasy Undead Fighting Skeletons Plastic Model Fantasy Figure 1/72 Scale #103
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  • Caesar Product Number: 103
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Spotlight Review

"Great fantasy miniatures, excellent price!"
Y.Whateley (Dunwich, MA)
Fantastic fantasy miniatures - excellent detail and variety of poses. They have a sort of old school look or style to them that, in the west, would seem to date them to the 1980s - perhaps a bit weird compared to modern fantasy RPG and war games, but there is a certain charm to it. 1/72 (20mm scale) is a bit small compared to standard 28mm fantasy RPG miniatures and more common to historical war-gaming, but this is a handy little modeling scale and the price is fantastic, so I kind of wish that more fantasy and science fiction miniatures were produced in it; hopefully, Caesar/Pegasus will produce more 1/72 fantasy, science fiction, and horror miniatures and monsters, especially some that are compatible with 28mm miniatures (surely there is some easy cross-over between the two scales as far as monsters and scenic items are concerned!) I've put some of these skeletons to use in the larger 28mm scale as undead dwarfs, halflings, goblins, and other little people, and I've also put them to use, with metallic paint, as 1/72 Terminator robots....

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"A multitude of poses, detailed sculpts."
Overall this is a wonderfully detailed set; great variety in both poses and types of undead creatures presented. The Dracula is a bit out of place, but at the very least his head will be useful for a conversion. Similarly, most of the sculpts, with the exception of the robed and cloaked figures, are posed in such a way that swaps and other forms of customization are definitely doable.

"Caesar Undead 1/72"
Mdtarne (Ann Arbor, MI)
Have been wanting to get ahold of a box of this for a few months, got the email from Hobbylinc and picked it up. Pic is of what I can tell the figures in the boxes multiplies are off to the side in a pile, no flash but some big tabs to cut off, and some hot water treatment to get weapons straight are all thats needed. Got these for some pub table skirmish gaming at the local game night.

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