WWII German Military Men (5) (OCT)

These are the 1/35 scale WWII German Military Men (5) plastic model military figure kit from Master Box Limited.

Master-Box WWII German Military Men (5) (OCT) Plastic Model Military Figure Kit 1/35 Scale #35211
 Master Box Limited # mbl35211
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Master Box Limited Item # mbl35211
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Spotlight Review

"Good kit, but missing some things that should be included"
LawDawg (Oklahoma)
I generally like Master Box models and believe that they often times have good poses and tell a good story. This model, 35211, generally falls in that category. However, the picture depicts one of the figures handling phone lines from a reel, which does not come with the kit. So, the figure is just sitting there with his arms hanging in the air and it just looks weird. I think I can fix this with taking some parts from Master Box 3540 kit. Turn the soldiers in kit 3540 to just plain infantry and use the reel from the back of one of the figures in this diorama. One of the good things about the kit (35211) is one of the figures is of an Oberst (Colonel), which you don't get in many kits. Not that you would want a lot of Oberst's in a lot of kits, but this kit will serve as a good regimental headquarters. In addition to the Oberst, there is a signals Hauptman (Captain), two military policemen, and an enlisted man. If you combine this kit with Master Box kit 35212 it really helps fill out the regimental HQ with the figures in that kit. I plan to use all of the kits mentioned above, with duplicates of 3540, as part of a major diorama, so having a regimental HQ included will fit in well. If I am able to use the parts from kit 3540 to finish out kit 35211 I will be using Plastruct item number 90850 to depict the phone lines and you can get that right here at Hobbylinc. I had a good time constructing 35211 and 35212. While trying to detail out much of the uniforms using regular old fashioned painting techniques it took me about 2.5 days to complete both kits. I would recommend this kit to friends and family due to the dynamic of the kit and the ease of construction and painting.

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