Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog?

We do not print a catalog. All items that we have available are listed online. One of the ways we offer such low prices is to avoid the cost of printing a hard copy catalog.

I need my items by tomorrow, can you get them to me?

No, all items ship in two to three business days unless specified otherwise. Our goal is not to be the fastest shipper of items but the low price option with the largest selection.

I don't see an item that I want, can you get it / special order it for me?

All items that we carry are listed online. To provide low prices we buy most items in bulk by contract. This does not allow us to special order one or two individual items from manufacturers.

Why are items for sale that are not currently in stock?

Most hobby manufacturers announce items that are going to be produced up to 8 months before they actually produce the item. Many times the manufacturers will produce a very low quantity usually not much more than the amount of items that they have 'presold'. In order to ensure that our customers get the items that they want many times it is necessary to pre-order items. Most non-released items are listed online with the expected release date. Additionally, our customers simply want to be the first to receive a new release item.

How much is shipping?

Currently standard shipping cost is automatically calculated online for U.S.A., and U.S. Territories, orders. International orders are charged the actual cost of shipping once the order has shipped.

Has my order shipped / What's my order status?

Your order status is available online at

How much does it cost to ship HAZMAT items (rocket engines)?

Most model rocket engines can be shipped via USPS surface mail. There is no HAZMAT fee for shipping items this method. Some engines must ship by Certified Ground, which is more expensive. All shipping costs are calculated in your Shopping Cart for you. Any amount of savings you would have for Free Standard Ground Shipping would be applied to the cost of HAZMAT or Certified Ground shipping costs, still saving you on shipping.

USPS is a slower shipping method than UPS, or FedEx. Please allow for two to three additional shipping days when placing your order for these items.

Where are you located?

We are located in Atlanta Georgia. Or physical address is, 10101 Davis St, Suite 600, Braselton GA 30517. This is a mail-order warehouse only. does not have a retail location.

The online date for an item I'm interested in says unknown. What date will the item be available?

The online availability information is updated every day. An unknown date means that the manufacturer is out of stock of the item and does not yet have the item set for another production run. This could mean that the item will arrive in two weeks or 6 months, they have not specified yet. A rule of thumb is if the item is in high demand (i.e. a Tamiya paint which they sell thousands) it should be closer to the two week time frame. If it is a model that has a low sell rate the release will be much longer.