28mm Deus Vult Medieval Archers (24)

Fireforge 28mm Deus Vult Medieval Archers (24)
 Fireforge Games # fifg11
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Fireforge Games Item # fifg11
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  • Fireforge Product Number: G11
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"Good way to add archers to your medieval army"
The Fireforge Medieval Archers box is a good kit to put some archers in your collection. The kit borrows many elements from the Foot Sergeants box, but adds in weapon/arm options to build the models as archers instead of melee combatants (also included is some lighter headwear to emphasize the ranged-nature of these soldiers). The same features that work best for the Sergeants work best here as well; generic appearance is the appeal, not a flaw; detail is enough to be interesting, but not enough to make preparing/painting the models feel like a slog; they'll fit right in whether you're building a medieval army or a fantasy army. I don't recommend these models as whole-heartedly as I do the sergeants (since they're based on the same torsos, it's a bit harder to create satisfying posing for archers, whereas it's pretty easy with the sergeants), but it's still one of the best bang-for-your-buck values when it comes to medieval era miniatures.

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