Product Information


All items carried by are listed online.

  • If you know of a product, but it not listed on our website, then we do not carry that product.
  • We cannot special order products.

Product Availability

  • Online Availability is updated every day. This is the latest information that we have from the manufacturer concerning the items.
  • An Online Availability which has an arrival date of Unknown, means that the manufacturer has not yet provided us with an estimated date this item may be in stock again. Once the manufacturer lets us know a restock date, we will update the website within 24 hours.
  • An Online Availability of No Longer Manufactured, very limited supply, means that no longer carries this product, but we do have one or two leftover for purchase.
  • An Online Availability of Discontinued, no longer available for purchase, means that no longer carries this product, and have none leftover for purchase.

Product Quantities

  • Normally, we have stock to fill all orders.
  • In the case that we do not have enough quantity to fill the order, we will email you concerning the problem and request your feedback on how you would like to proceed.
  • For quantities higher than 20, you may email us the item number and we can check availability for you.

Additional Product Information

We are constantly updating with product information as it becomes available.

  • All information that has about a product is shown online.
  • Additional information may be available from the manufacturer.
  • You may email us with questions, and please be sure to include the product number for the item(s) in question.