Rewards Rewards Program

The Rewards Program is designed to reward loyal customers and help create the most enriching and interactive hobby website available. Simply create a User Account (earn 2,000 points in doing so), then for every order that ships to you, you receive Rewards Points which can be used to save money on future orders.

How to start earning

To start earning points you must log in to your account. If you do not have a account you must create one.

How much are points worth?

  • Current Exchange Rate : 1,000 Points => $1.00 (subject to change at any time)

What Earns Points

Points are awarded in several ways. You can earn by purchasing items and providing quality content that will help others. You can earn points by:

  • Creating an Account will earn you points. (plus you need an account to earn points)

  • Purchasing Items - almost every item purchased will earn points. The amount of points earned are listed on each products page. The total points for your order will be displayed during order check out. The more you purchase the more points you earn. Reward Points are earned when your order ships.

  • Reviewing a Product - Share your opinion of a product with others. Your insightful review might help someone decide which product to choose. All reviews must be approved by before points are awarded. Most reviews will be eligible for points. The points can vary depending on the quality of the review. Quality of the review is subject to and is not negotiable. We are looking for quality content that will add to the users understanding of that product. (I.E. A two word review of "Good Product" will not earn points)

  • Uploading a Picture - Share your pictures of an item. Manufacturer pictures are nice, but it's great to see what individuals have built. This gives you a better understanding how the item will actually look. Reward Points are given for up to five pictures uploaded for each product. You will earn more points for the first picture of each product uploaded. Each additional picture uploaded for the same product will earn a reduced amount of points up to five. Identical pictures will be declined and will not earn points. Most pictures will earn points. However, the picture has to be of good quality so it is easy to determine the focus / contents of the picture. Pictures are subject to approval and decisions on quality are not negotiable.

  • Rating a Product - Simply rate a product. 1 to 5 stars, 5 stars being the best. Products rated need to be items you have personal experience with. There is a limit to the amount of products rated that will be eligible for points. (I.E it does no good to click a rating on 1000 items just to receive points)

  • Commenting on a Product - Making a useful comment on a product such as providing information that is not listed. (dimensions, product material, information about usage, etc...) You can also earn points by answering a comment question left by other users. has to approve all comments. Reward Points are subject to approval and are not negotiable.

  • Other methods Occasionally we will offer bonus Reward Points. These will be solely at the discretion of Any bonus point offers will be communicated through the Email list. If you are interested we suggest you make sure you are on the email list. You can join the email list by going to the area of your choice ( I.E. Plastic Models ) and clicking on the email list graphic located on the right side of the page.

How to check and use points

  • Your Account page will display detailed information about your Rewards Program Points. Reward Points are broken into 5 categories so you can see how your points were earned. The 5 categories are as follows:

  • Orders: Points earned for placing orders.
  • Product Reviews: Points earned for making quality reviews.
  • Gallery Images Uploaded: Points earned for uploading quality images.
  • Product Comments: Points earned for making informational comments.
  • Account Usage: Points earned for creating an account and bonus points offers that have been used.

  • You must accumulate 2500 Reward Points before they are available for use.

  • If your Reward Points are at 2500 or greater the online ordering system will notify you during order checkout. At that time you can select to use or save your current point total.

  • Partial use of points is not allowed.

Fine Print

  • The Rewards Program is subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Rewards Points earned will be valid for at least one year from the date earned.
  • Rewards Points contain no monetary value. They can only be used as a deduction to the cost of products ordered on
  • You can only redeem points that are less than or equal to the cost of your order. Otherwise if you have Reward Points that total $25.00 and the items your ordered cost $20.00 only $20.00 worth of points will be used. Any left over points will remain in your account.
  • Points can not be applied to Shipping Cost, Insurance, Gift Wrapping, etc...
  • Amount of Reward Points provided for each individual Review, Uploaded Picture, Comment, Rating and Order Shipped are not published.
  • When Redeeming points currently 1000 Reward Points equals $1.00 off your order total. This level is subject to change without notification.
  • All submitted information provided by the user, both pictorial and descriptive, will become the property of has permission to use all content as desired.
  • The Rewards Points Program and any logos or descriptions of the program are copyrighted to and can not be reused without written consent.

If you have any questions not answered about the Rewards Program please send us an email.