Wolfman (Glow in the Dark)

This is the 1/8 scale Wolfman (Glow in the Dark) plastic model figure kit from Atlantis Model Company.

Atlantis Wolfman (Glow in the Dark) Plastic Model Fantasy Figure Kit 1/8 Scale #450
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Features :
  • 1/8 Scale
  • Stands 8.5" tall when complete
  • Comes molded in brown
  • Separate sprue for glow in the dark parts
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Spotlight Review

"Nice Re-pop of Original Aurora Wolfman"
rkoenn (Brandon, FL)
When I was a kid I loved the Universal monsters from back in the '60s. I also loved the Aurora kits of them although I only owned a couple back then. When I returned to plastic model building 15 years back I picked up all the re-popped Aurora monsters and this one of them. That said this kit is probably the worst rendition of the monster from the movie than all the rest. The face is and overall sculpt is not a very good capture of the Chaney creature. However it suffices to add this particular monster and you can find a much better resin replacement head if you desire. Some people will like the glow plastic and I would have as a kid but when I have a glow kit these days I paint it without glow effects. While not being a very good capture of the movie monsters the kit overall suffices and is a decent fit and goes together easily. With a good paint job it turns out reasonably well and looks great with the Aurora monsters on your shelf. So a poor wolfman rendition but a decent classic monster model, thanks Atlantis.

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  • 1/8 Scale
  • Stands 8.5" tall when complete
  • Comes molded in brown
  • Separate sprue for glow in the dark parts


  • Atlantis Product Number: 450
  • Parts: 41


Box Contents:

  • Pieces to build Wolfman
  • Instructions

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Awesome Looking Wolfman Model Kit"
Fun Building Model Kits
This was a really fun kit to build and looks great once it's finished. The glow in the dark features glow very brightly. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys building model kits.

"Great kit, fun to build, looks great with other monsters"
Bill (Cleveland Heights, OH)
This kit arrived from Hobbylinc just last week. I used to build monsters back in the 70s. After joining a group on Facebook I became interested again. I didn’t build this one back in the day so it was an all new adventure. The kit builds fairly quickly with some flashing especially in delicate places like around the fingers, toes and teeth. Unfortunately mine isn’t as toothy as it could be. I built him in three sections, upper torso, lower torso and the base. It’s easy enough to build but I did read the instructions as well. If I built another one I’d attach the feet before the front of the leg. Painting was a a lot of fun. The pics don’t show it but there’s about 10 layers of dry brush. In the end his hair ended up different from the photos. He’s got sort of a widow’s peak going on now the black and white streaks. I didn’t go with blue trousers because I just don’t see him wearing jeans. I wanted to enhance a base slightly and luckily Michaels crafts has some Halloween stuff already in stock. The tree is from the area where you build your own holiday wreath. It was black and covered with shiny sequins. Three colors of spray paint and some dry brush took care of that. I found the picture of the moon on line, glued it to some styrene then to a base from a discarded smoke alarm. The back of the moon… well it speaks for itself. The Smithsonian says it’s the most recognized logo on the planet.

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