B6-6 Model Rocket Engines (3)

This is a B6-6 B-class single stage model rocket engine designed to launch model rockets

Estes B6-6 Model Rocket Engines (3) Standard Rocket Motor #1607
 Estes Rockets # est1607
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Estes Rockets Item # est1607
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Spotlight Review

"Great second stage engine"
SteveAwesome (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)
I prefer this engine for my small to mid size 2 stage rockets as i am not into pure altitude - i like to see the apogee deployment of the chute. I highly recommend these for spectator launches, everyone hets to see all the action.

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  • Length: 2 3/4"
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Estes Product Number: 1607


  • 3 B6-6 Model Rocket Engines
  • 3 Igniters
  • 3 Plugs

Requirements & Suggestions

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"To long delay"
Rocketman (Lebanon)
If you want your rocket 100 feet off the ground before ejection this is the engine to get. But I tried this on one of my rockets and the rocket smashed into the ground before the ejection charge blew. Broke my fin and smashed my nosecone.

"Fun Stuff"
Everything arrived just as expected. My grandson and I will enjoy this project, and the time spent together using it

"First time using this engine."
zjracing (Oregon)
I was concerned about losing some of my rockets due to field size, wind, and parachute drift. I bought and used some to experiment. The recovery ejection delay is consistent and noticeably longer. The delay is so long some of my heavier rockets seriously plummeted to earth before the parachute popped, thought they were gonners. I actually had one parachute rip due to the speed it was coming down at when the parachute came out. I recommend these for small rockets that you really want to shoot high but do not want drifting a mile away, like those that use streamer recovery.


  • WARNING: Model rocket motors are flammable. Please use caution.
  • Must be 14 to purchase in CA and NJ.
  • Do not burn engines.
  • Soak in water to destroy.

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